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What is the largest volcano in Russia


The biggest and still active volcano is considered to be Russia Kluchevskoy. Its height exceeds 4800 m, and is a dangerous object on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Age of the volcano according to researchers about seven thousand years.

Only in the last two hundred years, there were more than fifty of its eruptions.

Historical facts

The exact dimensions Kluchevskoy researcherscan not be established. This is due primarily to the ongoing volcanic activity. During each eruption, these figures are increased, however, despite some inconsistency, Kluchevskoy holds the record for height, second only to several Western competitors. It is the largest volcano in the territory of Russia.

Volcano Kluchevskoy is a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Volcano Kluchevskoy located on the ground,There is a tremendous amount of geothermal sources. It got its name because of the river Klyuchevka, near where he was. Locals believe Kluchevskoy sacred place. In their view, it is with the giant volcano began the birth of the world.

The first recorded mention of the hill in 1690'srespectively. Climb to its top craters difficult activity. During the entire existence of the volcano are just a few expeditions were able to pull it off. Most attempts ended in tragedy.
Pathfinder Kluchevskoy became researcher W. Atlas, which, in addition to the opening of the volcano, and now even the first scientist who got on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

volcanic activity

Kluchevskoy is a hugecone perfectly shaped, covered with a thick layer of ice and snow. As a result of constant eruptions formed several dozen additional craters. At the moment, there are more than seventy. Fold the volcano of andesitic and basaltic lava. Eruptions hills are fixed on a specially built in 1935 volcanological station.

From 1727 to 1731 Kluchevskoy distinguished by a unique activity. The volcano spewed flames almost continuously. This fact is confirmed by the locals.

Clubs gases and vapors - a permanent phenomenonKluchevskoy. Smoke changing its intensity, indicating the constant activity of the volcano. The strong lava eruptions occur regularly. At rest hill is typically several years. The explosions are carried out almost continuously. Volcanic bombs and ashes spread over thousands of kilometers into the surrounding area.

By the way it was a bomb, which throws the volcano,the most frequent cause of death of inexperienced climbers, who decided to conquer the summit Kluchevskoy. Fixed some cases, when the bombs fell into the tent to stay overnight researchers.

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