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WHAT is the largest parrot in the world

What is the largest parrot in the world

To determine the largest in the world parrot worthuse several criteria. Judging by the length of the bird from the tip of the tail to beak, the parrot is considered the largest hyacinth macaw, and taking into account the weight and the bird's body length, then surely it wins kakapo.

Both of these parrots extremely rare and are on the verge of extinction.

Large Hyacinth Macaw

If we take into account the length of the body from the tiptail to the tip of the beak, large hyacinth macaw parrot is considered the largest on the planet. Some of the representatives of this species can reach lengths of up to one meter. But a significant portion of their length accounts for their huge tail. Hyacinth Macaw Plumage painted in bright blue, cobalt color. The beak of this bird is strong and solid, has a black color. Lives hyacinth macaws in Paraguay, Brazil and Peru. Keeps the banks of rivers, thickets of tropical forests and palm groves.

This parrot is active during the lighttime of day. In search of forage areas, Macaw can fly several kilometers, and then returned to their place of lodging. Hyacinth Macaw feeds on berries, snails and fruit trees. In the wild, this parrot creates a married couple, sometimes the number of individuals in the family reaches 6-12 parrots. Macaw nests several times a year.

This type of parrot is virtuallybrink of extinction because they hunted and caught in recent times for sale in bulk quantities. Also, their habitat is rapidly destroyed, cut off vast areas of jungle, occupy a grove pets pasture or planted on the ground nests of parrots and exotic plants and trees.


Kakapo or owl parrot belongs toowl family of parrots. This bird is only active at night. He lives in New Zealand. Of all the species of parrot, kakapo is not only able to fly. kakapo Body length is about 60 centimeters, and the birds can weigh 4 kg. The plumage of a parrot has a greenish-yellow color, with black stripes on the back. The muzzle is covered with facial plumage kakapo as well as owls.

An interesting feature of the kakapo - a pleasant andbright scent that makes a bird. It is similar to the odor and color of honey. The most favorite food these parrots - fruits and seeds of the tree Rome. This allows the plant to be filled with bird reproductive powers. Reproduction kakapo runs only during periods of active flowering and fruiting trees Rome. During mating season, the male parrots gather in one place and begin to compete for the right to mating with the female. At this time the frequent fights between male kakapo. The female lays eggs only once every two years. Kakapo is considered to be long-lived, this parrot can live for more than a hundred years. They are listed in the Red Book of the world as a species that disappears.

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