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What is the Internet-surfing

What is Internet surfing

Internet surfing is called visiting web-site pages.

Catching up on reading the news, watching movies, playing online games, people surf in the virtual space.

To surf you need to install on your computerreviewer. This is a special program that provides an opportunity to communicate with the web-sites and to listen, read and watch the information contained in them. Thanks to her, you can also navigate to other sites by clicking on hyperlinks.
Opens a web document may contain other links. The result is "floating" in the ocean of information. called "surfing" is therefore used.

Whether surfing the internet to become a source of income?

To make a living with thislesson should give up their own preferences and "walk" only on such sites that offer the advertiser. For viewing one page pay 1-2 kopecks. To save a serious amount, you need to visit dozens of pages each month.

Who pays for Internet surfing? And why?

For owners of web resources is important attendance. The main source of income for them is contextual and banner advertising. Methods fair attracting visitors to the site requires a huge effort and significant financial investment. Particularly acute this problem is felt in the early stages of promotion of the resource when it is necessary to draw the attention of users in the shortest possible time.
And site owners are turning to systems to employeesanonymous internet surfing, ready for a fee to bring a web resource a huge number of visitors. As a result, the advertiser pays the owner of the system, and he shared with users of the pages viewed.

How dangerous aimless Internet surfing?

Idle walks the expanses of the World Wide Web"Eats" a lot of time. To use it more effectively, you need to analyze your own time. A significant part of it takes the reading of news and status in social networks.
More than an hour spends man for correspondence, information, discussion forums. Long engaged in the search for information, which has no direct relation to the currently executing tasks.
Internet opens up new opportunities to people in different spheres of life. And at the same time it puts a lot of obstacles on the path to success and happiness.
People come to social networks for a few minutes andThey spend a few hours there. Whenever I promise myself that this does not happen again. And the next day, nothing changes, and the impact of activities falls.

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