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WHAT is the Ides of March

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in the movie "The Ides of March"

In ancient times, as the story goes, in the four calendar months of the twelve exactly in the middle it was the day that month divided into before and after. It was called the ida (meaning "share").

In modern history, the role of ID can execute any who took possession of the secret.

One March day, namely the day of Eid -March 15, 44 BC, was killed by the greatest statesman of his time - the emperor Julius Caesar. Since then, every modern politician is immune from meeting with someone who can make it a political assassination.

On the subject of the film

George Clooney film "The Ides of March» (The Ides ofMarch, 2011) tells the interesting story, partly based on real events - the election campaign, in which Howard Dean was. But since the creation of the painting coincided with the election race for the post of President of the United States, which was then won by Barack Obama, the fate of the film was about to become sad, because all the time it seemed that he was now no longer relevant.

"A free press is even more important than free government", - said George Clooney.

Time has shown - Clooney was right. His work, lifts the veil of PR technology, thanks to which the citizens of a democratic country choose who becomes in charge, already included in the category of modern classics of the state over the next four years. As it turned out, that this story is more than just the story of some sort of elections, in some there was in some kind of a country, even the United States. This story does not only affect the subject of political elections. Rather, the film Clooney on the choices that have to make in life many times: for his career - his or someone else's, for the sake of their own or someone else's life, for the sake of truth.

Ida: the "before" and the "after"

"The Ides of March," the two thousandth - this storycontemporary of Julius Caesar and Brutus generated them. The story is about a young employee of the presidential campaign headquarters, believing in the sincerity and honesty of who he works for - contender for the US presidency - a hard, but a decent policy.

«Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi!» / «And you, Brutus, my son!" - A phrase attributed to Julius Caesar.

Faced with one unpleasant factsthe biography of the applicant (George Clooney), a young political strategist (Ryan Gosling) is doing everything to protect their idol, but accidentally endangers himself. In front of him, as the ancient goddess of retribution Nemizida arises hunter sensational true - journalist Ida. That she plays the role of ancient Ides of March: the separation of life into "before" and "after." "Before" - the purity of thoughts and ambitions. "After" - dirty linen, combining both characters.
Each of them will have to choose between moral principles and a violation of the order of things, a certain sequence, and understood the desire to achieve the goal at any cost.

"The big advantage of receiving the one who made mistakes early enough where you can learn." Winston Churchill

History does not tolerate the subjunctive mood,develops it definitely spiral - this axiom. But there is also the human factor, that is, having the will, can destroy any one of the axioms. George Clooney leaves the question open - was repeated Brutus modern equivalent act of its historical predecessor, just answer one simple question: "Stephen, tell us how it happened?".

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