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What is the historical process

What is the historical process

When formal and superficial view of history may seem, that it consists of individual facts, there is little interconnected.

If, however, apply to this science dialecticalapproach, it becomes apparent that the entire course of civilization is a continuous historical process, where all the events are interconnected and are in a causal relationship.

The historical process as the progressive development of society

In the most general sense, a process calledthe progressive development of a phenomenon, which is accompanied by a change in the state system. The historical process is a consistent and regular change in human society, which can be seen as a progressive development and retrogressive temporary setbacks.
The whole development of society, from separationman from the natural world and ending with the modern age, there is a single historical process. His move is primarily determined by the development of productive forces and those events, in one way or another were involved large groups of people belonging to different generations.
Conventionally, historical process can be divided intoindividual social facts, with its structure. This includes the actions of individual members of the human community, which act as leaders, as well as joint actions of social groups. The structure of the socio-historical process historians also include the tangible results of human activity - both material and spiritual.

Features of the historical process

A characteristic feature of the historical processIt is the continuity of the events taking place in society. It manifests itself in a regular change of generations, the development of views on society and culture, qualitative change philosophies and worldviews. History is a series of social crises and periods of prosperity, military conflicts and peaceful coexistence, temporary states of well-being and economic decline.
The main attribute of the historical process -progressive development. As an objective reality, facts, events and phenomena in the history there, go through periods of formation and naturally move to their decline. One historical epoch after another, each time removing the accumulated contradictions and ensuring the development of a higher level. The process of removing the contradictions can flow relatively smoothly, the evolutionary process, and may take the form of acute social revolution.
The historical process can nevercloser to an end, according to supporters of historical materialism. As long as humanity exists, there will be associated with its activities historical events. At its deepest essence of the historical process - a winding road that connects the individual points and leading from the past into the future. This path is full of obstacles, through the overcoming of which civilization is moving steadily in the direction of progress.

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