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WHAT is a hair dryer with a diffuser


What is a hair dryer with a diffuser</a>

Almost every representative of the beautifulSex constantly or occasionally uses such a useful device as a hair dryer. Create a three-dimensional haircut and get curly locks in a few moments will help the hair dryer with a diffuser.

What is the difference between this device and other types of hair dryers?

The diffuser is a special nozzleFor a hair dryer with so-called fingers and holes. The device has a diameter of about 10-15 cm, the narrow end of the diffuser is put on the dryer. "Fingers" can vary in shape and length.

The purpose of a hair dryer with a diffuser

Like other types of hair dryers, a hair dryer with a diffuserDesigned for drying hair and creating styling. But a special nozzle allows you to quickly remove moisture from the curls due to the holes. Moreover, the diffuser has less harmful effect on the structure of the hair. Get a perfect hairstyle such a hairdryer will allow for a few minutes thanks to the coverage of a larger area of ​​a large attachment.

A hairdryer with a diffuser is an excellent tool for performing a scalp massage. Soft "fingers" will gently massage the skin, ensuring good blood circulation and relaxation.

In the diffuser, the holes are sideways, due toWhich does not create a directional flow of hot air. Therefore, it is unlikely to get burned while laying the curls, you can do this more often.
Hair dryer with diffuser does not overheat hair,The device is most suitable for owners waving by nature or as a result of chemical curling strands. The nozzle does not allow the curls to fly apart, and the diffuser "fingers" give the hair a dizzying volume.

Styling hairdryers with a diffuser

Use a hair dryer with a diffuser and girls withStraight hair. To do this, you need to dry your hair, apply a fixation agent on them, highlighting individual strands. Twisting the string into the flagella, it is necessary to dry them with a hairdryer with a nozzle. In this case, the curls must be raised by the diffuser, and the hair must be dried, keeping the device perpendicular to the growth of the hair. As a result of simple manipulations, you can get luxurious waves or elastic curls. To achieve natural ringlets, you need to practice.
Often in shops you can find hair dryers withDiffusers, endowed with additional options. For example, protection from overdrying or with ionization technology. When choosing a hair dryer, it is important to take into account its weight, assess whether it is convenient to hold the device in your hand.

Today, diffusers are produced by the majority of companies focused on the production of equipment. Each brand strives to offer its customers a solution for comfortable hair styling.

For long hair, the model withFunction of combing and straightening. For short hair, the right choice is the hair dryer with small fingers along the length. A thick hairstyle requires the use of a hair dryer with a smooth nozzle.

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