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What is the hair dryer with a diffuser

What is the hair dryer with a diffuser

Almost every representative of the fairfloor permanently or occasionally uses such useful devaysom hair dryer. Create voluminous hairstyle and get curly locks for a few moments to help hair dryer with a diffuser.

What is the difference between this device from other types of hair dryers?

The diffuser is a special nozzlefor the hair dryer with the so-called fingers and holes. The device has a diameter of about 10-15 cm, narrow end of the cone is put on the hair dryer. "Fingers" may vary in shape and length.

Appointment of a hair dryer with a diffuser

As with other types of hair dryers, hair dryer with a diffuserfor creating and drying hair styling. But the special nozzle allows much faster to remove moisture from the curls by holes. And diffuser less detrimental effect on the hair structure. Get the perfect hairstyle a hair dryer will allow for a few minutes due to the coverage of a larger area of ​​large showerheads.

Hairdryer with diffuser - a great tool for performing a massage of the scalp. Soft "fingers" will gently massage the skin, providing a good blood circulation and relaxation.

The diffuser holes are arranged sideways, duewhich does not create a directional flow of hot air. Therefore, burn during laying curls unlikely to do packing with increasingly possible.
Hairdryer with diffuser does not overheat your hairthe device is most suitable for owners of curly by nature or as a result of a perm strands. The nozzle does not allow the curls to scatter, and the diffuser "fingers" give hair volume dizzy.

Styling hairstyle hairdryer with a diffuser

To use a hairdryer with a diffuser and a girl with a canstraight hair. To do this, you need to dry your hair, put on their way to commit, highlighting the individual strands. Twist lock of flagella in, you need to dry them with a hair dryer with a nozzle. At the same time it is necessary to lift the diffuser locks, and you need to dry your hair, holding the device perpendicular to the growth of hair. As a result of simple manipulations can get luxury or elastic wave curls. To achieve natural curls, you must be trained.
Often in stores can be found with a hair dryerdiffusers, endowed with additional options. For example, protection from drying or ionization technology. When choosing a hair dryer is important to consider the weight, to vote, to be easy to hold the device in his hand.

Today, hair dryers with diffusers produce the majority of companies focused on the issue of technology. Each brand strives to offer shoppers the decision for comfortable styling.

model best fit for long hairfunction of combing and straightening. For short hair is the correct choice of a hair dryer with a few along the length of "fingers". Thick hair requires the use of a hair dryer with a smooth nozzle.

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