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WHAT is the soil


What is the soil</a>

Soil is soil, rocks, sediments, and also various multicomponent formations that are part of the geological environment and form the surface layers of the earth.

To study the various soils and their physical and chemical properties, there is a science of soil science.

Depending on the origin and strength of the soilAre rocky, semi-local, sandy and clayey. Rock - it's hard, waterproof and incompressible rocks: granite, sandstone, limestone. Semiskalnye - solid rocks in the form of pieces, having the ability to compress and water resistant. Sand consist of grains and sand grains of rocks 0.05 mm and larger. Clayeys have a grain size of 0.05 mm or less. Soils are considered soil science as an object of human engineering and technical activity.

The most significant characteristics of soilsAre their mineral composition, structure and texture. From the physical parameters are distinguished granular composition, porosity, humidity, temperature, thermal conductivity, looseness and compaction. Depending on the water content in the soil, the properties of plasticity, swelling, wetting, stickiness and water permeability are distinguished.

The strength of the soil is determined by its abilityResist compression, stretching, shearing, cutting and digging. Refers to mechanical characteristics, as well as adhesion, abrasiveness and load-bearing capacity.

From a biological and agricultural point of viewSight soils are often treated as soils. Soil is an independent natural body, naturally occurring on the surface of the earth and consisting of mineral and organic substances, water and air. The main properties of soils are the mineral and granulometric composition, the composition of its organic components, neoplasms and inclusions.

Both soils and soils have a very importantEconomic significance for any state. Soils are used as a basis for the construction of all land and underground facilities. In soil and soil 95% of food products in the world are grown. Uncomfortable for the construction of rocky grounds make it difficult to build buildings, roads and structures. Degradation of soils results in crop failures and famine.

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