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What is the ground

What is the ground

Primer - is the soil, rocks, sediments, as well as a variety of multi-formation, are part of the geological environment and forming the surface layers of the earth.

To study the various soils and their physical and chemical properties of Soil Science there.

Depending on the origin and strength of soilsThere are rocky, poluskalnyh, sand and clay. Rock - a solid, waterproof and incompressible rocks: granite, sandstone, limestone. Poluskalnyh - solid rock in the form of pieces having a compressibility and waterproof. Sand grains are made up of grains of sand and rocks the size of 0.05 mm or more. Clayey sand particles have a size of 0.05 mm or less. Soils Soil treated as an object of engineering activity of man.

The most important characteristics of soilsThey are their mineral composition, structure and texture. Of the physical parameters distinguish granular composition, porosity, moisture, temperature, thermal conductivity and compressibility razryhlyaemost. Depending on the water content in the soil distinguish plasticity properties, swelling capacity, Namokaemost, permeability and tack.

The strength of the soil is determined by its ability toresist compression, tension, shear, cutting and digging. It refers to the mechanical characteristics, as well as the clutch, and load capacity abrasiveness.

From the biological and agricultural pointof soils are often seen as the soil. Soil - an independent natural body, naturally arising on the ground and consisting of mineral and organic substances, water and air. The basic properties of soil - it is a mineral and particle size distribution, the composition of its organic components, neoplasms and on.

And soil, and the soil are very importanteconomic importance for any country. Primers are used as the basis for the construction of surface and underground facilities. In the soil and the soil is cultivated to 95% of food in the world. Uncomfortable for the construction of rocky soils impede the construction of buildings, roads and buildings. Soil degradation leads to crop failure and famine.

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