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What is the fastest bird on earth

What is the fastest bird on earth

Birds are warm-blooded vertebrate animals, their distinguishing feature is the presence of feathers and wings.

Most of the bird spends almost all his life in a state of flight.

At the height they hunt, breed and even sleep.

Flight speed plays an important role for the representatives of this class of animals.

The fastest bird on the planet

For the right to be called the fastest bird on earthfighting two types - Peregrine Falcon and Black Swift. However, these two representative bird world are the best in two different kinds of speed. Peregrine Falcon is developing the highest speed at the peak, and the black swift falcon leaves no chance to level flight.

Peregrine Falcon

This is a small bird of the family of falcons. In size, it resembles a crow, but her tail light gray. The beak and claws falcon designed for hunting and butchering meat animals. According to the measurements of biologists, this bird and in a diving able to reach speeds of 322 km / h, which is equal to 90 m / c. This is the fastest creature on the planet. This rapid rate is necessary for falcon hunting. Noticing the victim, he did not pursue it, and rises above it, folds its wings and dives down. At right angles to the ground falcon stone falls on its prey and plunges into it its long claws.

Dive kick peregrine falcons are so strong, that even when a collision of large birds sometimes fly off his head.

Common swift

Although black swift and does not develop asstunning speed as the Falcon, but in horizontal flight, it has no equal. This little bird is able to develop a horizontal speed of over 160 km / h. Plumage Swift painted in a dark brown color with a slightly metallic sheen. Meets Black Swift in North and Central Asia, as well as in some areas of Central Europe. Most often, this bird can be seen in the big cities.

Swift may be in a state of flight up to 4 years. In the air, he drinks, sleeps, eats and mates.

Quick giant or gray-headed albatross

It is worth noting this giant in the world of flyingbirds - gray-headed albatross. According to the observations of scientists, this large bird is not only able to develop the flight speed of 150 km / h, but also to dive for prey in the sea to a depth of 8 meters. It eats albatross squid, fish and shellfish. Gray-headed albatrosses have another unique feature - in their stomachs store fat, which is stored in the upper compartment of the digestive organ. With it, the bird is protected from enemies, feeding chicks, and supports vital functions during long-range flights.

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