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What is the difference between a cheap hair dye on the road

What is the difference between a cheap hair dye on the road

Widespread stereotype, though, buyingexpensive hair dye, people overpay for the brand, but do not get really high-quality product. In fact this is not true.

On the contrary, to buy expensive paint is very important, because it has many advantages over cheaper.

The main advantages of an expensive hair dye

Of course, one of the most important advantageshigh-quality, professional, expensive hair dye - is resistance. Buying cheap goods, it can be seen that soon after their use strands lose intensity and beauty of tone, and thus, have to spend money to return the brightness of the tone.

Of course, the frequent use cheap paints can cause serious damage to the hair. Do the same without coloring in such cases is difficult.

Expensive and high-quality hair dye everIt is not complemented by a versatile oxidant. To her, you can select the desired oxidant content of hydrogen peroxide in order to achieve the ideal result. A variety of options is large enough to be able to analyze the features of hair specific person and pick up the oxidant, which will contribute to the qualitative staining. Firstly, thanks to this it is possible to achieve beautiful, and most importantly, a preselected hue. Secondly, the hair is not harmed.
Cheap paint supplemented 9-12% oxidant thatIt allows her to paint any hair. This, alas, is a high risk of damage to the strands. In addition, high levels of hydrogen peroxide is often the cause of unwanted shade. This means that the locks may get an unexpected color, far from desired.

The good professional hair dye

Costly hair dye, unlikecheap, it does not injure the strands, and caring for them. Often a part of these funds include special ingredients that make curls become softer, silky, obedient, become even beautiful shine, emphasizing the brightness and intensity of the hue. Cheap paint, on the other hand, often contain ingredients that can cause serious harm to the hair. In particular, we are talking about heavy metal salts.

Harmful ingredients in the composition of somecheap paint will help you quickly change the hair color, but bad affect on the body as a whole. They are particularly harmful to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Another point that is worth considering: expensive paint is not clearly defined, sharp and unpleasant smell. This greatly facilitates its use. In addition, manufacturers are carefully selected components, and try not to include in the means substances that commonly cause allergic reactions.

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