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What is different from the coffee maker

What is different from the coffee maker

Fans of instant coffee not really think about the difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine, pouring coffee granules or powder conventional boiling water.

Fans also present a cappuccino or espressoacquire only specific devices, which differ from each other a number of technical characteristics and allow to cook a delicious and aromatic coffee.


Today, there are automated tools,self-cooking wonderful coffee drinks - coffee makers and coffee machines. Unlike coffee makers, coffee machine is a fully automatic device that performs the entire preparation process - from grinding coffee beans ready to spill coffee cups.

Coffee machines are more complex than a coffee machine, as they are implemented complex engineering solutions.

Automatic coffee espresso onToday is the most popular type of coffee machines for home and office. Coffee are made from freshly ground beans, which have a truly clean and rich taste. The coffee machines provides the ability to control various parameters of coffee preparation - for example, to adjust the degree of grinding grain, to establish a certain amount of ground coffee and the amount of water per cup of drink. Expensive models of coffee machines allow you to adjust the temperature of hot water, as well as its pressure during beverage extraction.


Coffee, in contrast to the coffee machines aretechnically uncomplicated devices that do not require special user skills, cooking coffee. Today there are these types of coffee makers Turks, French-press and carob, and the drip device geyser. Carob coffee (as compared to the drip coffeemakers and hot spring) has a complex structure, besides the water pressure in it is pumped by machine, with a special pump.

To cook in a coffee machine espresso quality, it must develop a pump working pressure up to 15 bar.

During cooking, the user will haveown pre-ground coffee beans in a cone filter and tamp it in the right way so as to obtain the coffee tablet. After the coffee must be removed from the coffee maker spent coffee grounds and thoroughly clean the filter. Thus, the coffee maker is different from less automated operation and the need to put his hands in the process of brewing the beverage. This coffee, which can be called a true work of art of coffee today is prepared exclusively with professional carob coffee machines that set in prestigious restaurants and luxury cafes.

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