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What is the difference from the evil eye damage or curse

What is the difference from the evil eye damage or curse

Traditional ideas about the evil eye, damage and curse allow quite clearly separate these three concepts.

Basically, the difference between them boils down to awareness "overlay".

Evil eye

Hex - the only kind of negative impact,which may be unintentional. It is believed that a person can jinx without any rituals. It requires neither black nor white magic. If the evil eye is strong enough, its effects can be comparable to the effect of the curse. However, if it is not "update", the effectiveness of the evil eye inevitably eroding over time. Exactly how much time is needed to deflation the evil eye, it is difficult to say because it depends on its strength. The man trying to jinx it, can counter this effect by mobilizing your body with positive feelings, emotions and a healthy lifestyle. But from damage and curse not so easy to get rid of.

If you think that you are jinxed, go to church, put a candle and pray.


Corruption as opposed to the evil eye is always intentional. Typically, damage guidance includes a simple ritual formulated intent and specific actions. Corruption has a strong influence on the person, the main component of the formation damage is directed fancies. To neutralize the damage may require serious action until the destruction of the one who sends it. This is well reflected in many folk tales. Corruption can operate for a long time, to pass from generation to generation. Very often, serious damage can lead to the premature death of a person. People subjected to this influence, often die at a young age, not having time to do some important things in my life. That this is the meaning of the most serious damage - stop the kind of individual. Spoilage can bring an expert who knows how to do it. Often corruption turns bad love spell.

Appeal to the sorcerers and fortune tellers rarely leads to something good. More often than not the result of such treatment is the loss of time and money.

A curse

Curse, in turn, is characterized by deterioration andevil eye need to consciously say a clear verbal formulation. Curse of man is possible only in the time of the hatred for the man. Curse as corruption, can be transmitted through generations, usually it comes to the seventh generation. Remove and damage, and you can curse prayers, charms and certain complex rituals. Curse of the mediators do not impose. This is a very personal and vicious form of exposure that requires a serious engagement and a large number of negative emotions to curse men. not in vain considered to be the most serious maternal curse, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.

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