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What is the difference between a malefice and a spell or a curse?


What is the difference between a malefice and a spell or a curse?</a>

Traditional notions of evil eye, spoilage and cursing make it possible to separate these three concepts quite clearly.

Basically, their difference is reduced to the awareness of the "imposition".

Evil eye

The evil eye is the only kind of negative impact,Which may be unintentional. It is believed that you can jinx a person without using any rituals. It does not require either black or white magic. If the evil eye is strong enough, its consequences can be compared with the consequences of the curse. However, if it is not "updated", the effectiveness of the evil eye inevitably comes to naught with time. How much time is needed to dispel the evil eye, it is difficult to say, since it depends on its strength. A person who is trying to jinx can resist this impact, mobilizing his body with positive feelings, experiences and a healthy lifestyle. But from damage and cursing so easy to get rid of will not work.

If you think that you have been jinxed, go to church, put a candle and pray.


Corruption in contrast to the evil eye is always intentional. Usually spoiling involves a simple ritual, a stated intention and certain actions. Corruption has a strong effect on the person himself, the main component of spoilage is the formation of a directed mental image. To neutralize spoilage, serious actions may be necessary up to the destruction of the one who sent it. This is well reflected in many folk tales. Corruption can act for a very long time, pass from generation to generation. Very often serious damage can lead to premature death of a person. People who are exposed to this effect often die at a young age without having had time to do some important things in their lives. It is in this and is the meaning of the most serious damage - to terminate the kind of person. A person who knows how to do this can inflict damage. Often, damage leads to an unsuccessful love spell.

The appeal to wizards and fortunetellers rarely leads to something good. Most often, the result of such treatment is the loss of money and time.

A curse

The curse, in turn, is different from spoilage andThe need to knowingly pronounce a clear verbal formulation. You can curse a person only at the moment of hatred towards a person. The curse, like corruption, can be transmitted through generations, usually it reaches the seventh tribe. Remove and damage, and the curse, you can read prayers, conspiracies and perform certain complex rituals. Curses are not imposed by crooks. This is a very personal and malicious form of influence, requiring serious involvement and a large number of negative emotions to the cursed person. The most serious are not considered to be maternal curse, which is very difficult to get rid of.

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