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What is different from the maestro mastercard

What is different from the maestro mastercard

In the XXI century, non-cash payments so firmly established inlife of modern man, that without them it is hard to imagine modern trade. The most popular brands are currently the Mastercard and Maestro.

These payment cards are quite similar, but have some significant differences.

What is Maestro and Mastercard

Mastercard - is an international payment system,headquartered in the US, and its turnover in 2013 exceeded 8 trillion US dollars. In the market it is represented by several brands, such as MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, Cirrus and Mondex. This system of cashless payments in more than 2010 worldwide.
Maestro is one of the services of the companyMastercard. It is implemented in the form of international debit cards. They have a limited range of functions and are generally intended only for payments in stores. Appearance Mestro card has certain standards, since it determines the intermediary company that produces credit card at the local level.

Key differences between Mastercard and Maestro

Presented names are onlythe designation of the different levels of the same brand. Thus, Mastercard is a huge international corporation, which is represented in more than two hundred countries around the world, and Maestro - is one of its most popular services.
History of the company dates back to Mastercard far1966, long before the advent of electronic payments. While as Maesto service was created in 1990, just for the conquest of a new market of cashless payments.
Visually, Mastercard and Maestro logos are verysimilar as to have a relationship of the same corporation. Group logo consists of two slightly overlapping circles of red and yellow, with an inscription on them «MasterCard». The logo of the payment system has a similar design with the words «Maestro» on the same two quarters, but the actual range of other colors - blue and red.
For operations using Maestropermissible only online authentication. That is, for the calculations with the help of the payment card, you must hold it in the magnetic stripe point of sale terminal, after which the card holder has to confirm the payment using the PIN-code or the signature on the check. At that time, as access to other services Mastercard able to finish using the offline authorization.

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