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What is the difference between the concepts of Armageddon and apocalypse

What is the difference between the concepts of Armageddon and apocalypse

At all times people are afraid of the apocalypse - the end of the world, the death of all living things.

There are many legends which say that with the onset of the apocalypse all living things die, the world will be destroyed.

Riot nature

Apocalypse or Judgment Day - the day of the offensiveend of the world, when there will be a terrifying strength and scale of the natural disaster. This concept is associated with the revelations of St. John the Divine in the book of the New Testament, where the apocalypse is a form of fantastic visions, describing the terrible struggle between the "heavenly soldiers" and the Antichrist.
Apocalypse and describes the rebellious mood of the people. According to legend, there are four horsemen of the apocalypse, which will come into this world to destroy it forever. The Four Horsemen:
- A rider on a white horse, symbolizing the plague or pestilence,
- Rider on the red horse symbolizes war and destruction,
- Rider on the black horse symbolizing hunger,
- Rider on a pale horse, symbolizing death.

A white horse is considered the personification of lies andinjustice. Red Horse is a symbol of the blood spilled on the battlefield. Black horse - a symbol of death and despair. The pale horse represents the color of the skin of a deceased person.

The victory of the forces of evil

Along with talking about the apocalypseArmageddon, although this is not a synonym for - the concept is fundamentally different, though, and is characterized by the destruction of the world themselves. Armageddon - in the Christian religion is the site of the final battle between good and evil at the end of all time. According to biblical tradition, at this time will gather to battle all the rulers of the world to join the battle with the devil and his evil army. The prophecy tells that in this day along with the devil perish all who harm the earth.
In 1998, the US was filmed fictionorientation called "Armageddon". According to the storyline, the main characters have to destroy a certain celestial body to prevent its collision with Earth. The film turned out spectacular and interesting, but physicists reported that it contained a mass of various errors and inaccuracies. Therefore, the picture got a lot of unpleasant and even negative reviews from critics.

After the film's release became known as Armageddon approaching destruction of mankind in the event of a collision of any celestial body with the earth.

Every few years promise that the end will happenSveta. Scientists calculate the exact date on the calendars of ancient civilizations such as the Maya, considering that they are capable prophesied apocalypse. But what if modern scientists have found only a part of the ancient messages? What if the calendar does not predict the end of the world? Unfortunately, no one can answer these questions, except for those who made them.

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