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What is the difference between black and green tea

What is the difference between black and green tea

There is a myth that green and black tea is made from different plants, which explains the difference in their appearance and taste.

Actually, however, the difference lies only in the processing technology of tea leaves.

Features tea production

Manufacturing technology of green tea is relativelysimple. The collected leaves were placed in a special apparatus in which moisture is removed from them. Passing this procedure, parts of plants distributed in boxes and shipped for sale. This is why green tea is more natural than black to taste it even resembles brewed fresh leaves.
To manufacture the black tea usedspecial-roller machine. First, moisture is removed from the leaves, vyalitsya leaving them for several hours, after which each sheet is wound to scooters. In this way an artificial plant tissue is destroyed and the reaction come enzymes. After twisting the dried sheets are subjected to oxidation, in which the main component of plants - catechin - converted into tearugibin, theaflavin and other complex combination of flavonols. It is through this process of black tea a distinctive color, smell and taste, for which it is appreciated and amateurs, and professionals.

The use of green and black tea

Since fermentation in the production processGreen tea is not used in this drink contains enzymes, i.e. molecules that accelerate chemical reactions in the body. It is for this reason that this drink is often drunk by those who want to normalize the metabolism and accelerate weight reduction. Note that this advantage does not differ all kinds of green tea. In particular, in the production of oolong fermentation is carried, but it takes only a very short time, in contrast to the oxidation of black tea.
Over time it was extendedview that the only green tea is a powerful antioxidant and can have a rejuvenating effect on the body. However, in reality it is not. Of course, the percentage of catechins, functioning as antioxidants in green tea above. However, the scientists were able to establish that tearugibin theaflavin and in no way inferior to the use of catechin, so rich of black tea can also be called a wonderful drink-antioxidant.
In general, both medical and anti-agingproperties of green and black tea are comparable, so it is difficult to say which of these drinks healthier. This means that the best option for the buyer - to choose the ones that like most.

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