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What is the difference between military service and conscripts

What is the difference between military service and conscripts

There are several ways of forming the army. In Russia there is practiced service call.

This young man, returning from militaryservice is military service. To the category of military service are some other categories of Russian citizens, and not only men but also women.

Each inductee is liable for military service, but not everyone is liable for military service - conscript.

Youth of premilitary age and inductee

The young man who has attained the age of 16, according to RussianLegislation is required to get on the primary military registration. He passes a medical examination, it formalized the military registration documents. But the army is still too early to go to him. It is considered the youth of premilitary age. On the primary military registration are absolutely all the young men. Evasion of registration is an administrative offense and is punishable by a fine.
The question of fitness for military service is decided,when the young person turns 18. He comes to a summons from the military commissariat. Now it is considered to recruit again passes a medical examination, the results of which is solved, it is fit for health reasons for military service or not. In addition, the draft board conducts professional selection and determine in which troops can serve youth.
Military specialties determined andthose who are not fit for active duty. For example, a conscript can be fit for combatant to combatant service in time of war, etc. The question of appeal decides the draft board. Conscript in any case, it is military service, except in cases when the young man did not fit for military service.

Who are the persons liable

Even if a young person is not drafted inCurrently, he becomes liable for military service. That is, in case of necessity, he must appear before the draft board and go into the army for the military profession, which he identified when placed on the account. Military service are considered to be those who have already served in the army as a conscript soldier. Among the conscripts there are people who do not serve in the army, but the last military training, for example, in higher education and received the rank of officer, and the officers, retired. Men who do not have an officer's rank, are liable for military service from the moment of registration up to 50 years. The age limit for officers is dependent on the title.

Conscription for Women

There is a purely female profession, without whichArmy can not manage. To get these specialties, need special training. It is produced in specialized higher or secondary vocational school. Sometimes the military profession for women and provide non-core universities. Military service are all the doctors and nurses, as well as translators and representatives of some other professions. Age limits conscription for women - from 19 to 45 years.

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