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What is the difference between lazolvanom and ambroxol


What is the difference between lazolvanom and ambroxol</a>

The treatment of any cough depends on the correct diagnosis. The drugs that help with one type of cough can hurt at the other.

Among the effective drugs that improve the withdrawal of phlegm - "Lazolvan" and "Ambroxol".

How Lazolvan and Ambroxol work

These drugs are used whenInflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, which proceed with the formation of viscous sputum. They effectively dilute sputum and facilitate its removal from the bronchi. According to the instruction, the active substance of both drugs is ambroxol hydrochloride. When ingested in the gastrointestinal tract, it is quickly absorbed into the blood. The action of "Lazolvana" and "Ambroxol" begins 30 minutes after taking and lasts 6 to 12 hours.
In complex treatment, they are ideally combined withAnti-inflammatory drugs. Due to the fact that drugs are excreted from the body by the kidneys, with chronic renal failure this process takes a lot longer.

Do not combine Lazolvan and Ambroxol with antitussive drugs that make it hard to get phlegm (Codeine, Tusuprex, Libexin), since this can lead to stagnation in the lungs.

Side effect of "Lazolvana" and "Ambroxol"

These medicines have both an identical composition andSimilar undesirable effects. With increased sensitivity of patients to the active substance of these drugs, there are allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes, urticaria, in very rare cases, anaphylactic shock may develop. Sometimes there may be disorders from the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system.
In the pharmacy chain "Lazolvan" and "Ambroxol"Sold without a prescription. However, it is better to consult a doctor before their use by children under 6 years old, nursing mothers, patients with peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, liver and kidney failure.

When using "Lazolvana" and "Ambroxol" inLactation period, some drugs can be found in breast milk, but their concentration is so small that it does not affect the baby's body.

What is the difference between "Lazolvan" and "Ambroxol"

According to the patients, this is absolutely the sameAction of the medicine with a threefold difference in price. "Lazolvan" is produced by a powerful pharmaceutical company in Greece, which has a good reputation. "Ambroxol" is an analogue of the famous brand. It is manufactured by lesser-known manufacturers, mainly in the post-Soviet space.
These drugs are sold in the form of tablets orSyrup. In addition, Lazolvan is available as a solution for ingestion and inhalation, which can be used on any modern inhalation device, excluding evaporating inhalers.
In a word, Lazolvan is the most common Ambroxol in beautiful packaging.

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