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What is the difference between the foam and polystyrene

What is the difference between the foam and polystyrene

Foams - a whole range of different materials obtained by artificial means and representing the cellular foam structure with the gas inside.

Polystyrene - one type of foam that is low cost, hardness and friability.


The foam is produced from plastic, whichfilled with gas to get the structure of a solid-like frozen foam. Foam consists of a plurality of small cells filled with a gas. The gas allows the material to have a low density compared with the feedstock. This explains the thermal insulation properties of foamed plastics: at a temperature that does not exceed the value of the degradation of the substance, they are great to protect against the cold.

The foam is destroyed by fire, but catch fire from sparks, smoldering cigarette or burnt wires may not need higher temperatures.

Foams are very popular because of their easyweight and ease of application. They are mainly used in construction as thermal insulation materials, foams and make light of packaging for food and other goods, which protects against damage and environmental influences.
The foams are cheap and convenient, and only themdrawback - the harmful effects on the human body by heating. In addition, it is widely believed that damage to these materials is limited not only to high temperature: supposedly, they release hazardous substances in all conditions.
Styrofoam - is a slightly different classThe properties and methods of production materials. There are species such as PVC, polyurethane, formaldehyde and polystyrene foams. Thus, the difference between the foam and polystyrene is that the latter is one of the first species.


This kind of foam, a polystyrene,also often referred to as polystyrene foam. It is made from styrene - a colorless liquid, insoluble in water and has a strong odor. On the basis of this material make polymers including polystyrene, which becomes in foamed polystyrene. The result is a moisture-proof mesh granules, 98% of which consist of gas.

Polystyrene has a very low weight but excellent insulating properties.

Since polystyrene is easy to operate, it is harmlesshealth, resistant to not only water but also various acids and alkalis. Compression hardly deforms the material, characterized by high durability. This fireproof substance that does not emit hazardous substances, according to official figures. Polystyrene and fairly rigid compared to other foams differs friability.
Expanded polystyrene is used in the manufacture ofsandwich panels for thermal insulation of buildings, parking lots, for waterproofing and communication pipes for insulation of foundations, the construction of swimming pools and building sites. It is used in the chemical industry, mechanical engineering.

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