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Beginner musicians difference in the structure of major and minor scales and chords are not immediately apparent.

Meanwhile, to know how to construct a scale or chord, you must read and selection tsifrovok accompaniment.

Remember characteristics of both types of tonalities is not difficult, you just need to remember alternating intervals.

The words "major" and "minor" of Latin origin. The first translated means "great" or "fun", the second - a "small" and "sad". Accordingly, it is possible to distinguish between types of tones in sound. The work, written in a major key, sounds cheerful and life-affirming. The play in a minor key - sadly. Keep in mind that to the tempo is irrelevant: the things that are written in minor keys, can be fast, but majeure - slow.
The easiest way to introduce the structure of a positive orminor scales, if there is a piano keyboard in front of his eyes. Locate the sound "before". Gamma C major is played only on the white keys, and if it is to write, no signs at key will not be. "Up" button located to the left of a group of two black keys. Note that the piano distance between adjacent keys, whether they are white or black, is half the pitch. Accordingly, between the pre- and re - tone between the D and E - the same tone, between E and F - half of the pitch. That is, the first portion of the major scale can be represented as 2T-1 / 2T.
Similarly, the second part of the count. From F to G - tone from the salt to the middle - tone from A to B - the tone from the BBC to the top before - a semitone. The second part in the formula would look like 3T-1 / 2T. Accordingly, the whole structure looks like a major scale-1 2T / 3T-2T-1 / 2T. Likewise, construction and any other major scale. If between the adjacent white keys, not the distance that is required by the structure - taken black, that's all. There are harmonic major scale with increased fourth stage, sounding it reminds Minor.
Likewise, you can define the structure of the minor. Minor scales, which is played on the white keys, is built from the sound A. The corresponding key is in a group, where three black, between the middle and the right black. From A to B - tone between C and up - semitone between before and re - tone, D and E - the tone, mi-fa - semitone, fa-sol - tone, salt-la - tone. Formula natural minor looks like T-1 / 2T-2T-1 / 2T-2T. In the collections of scales you can meet even the harmonic and melodic minors. The first - increased the seventh stage, the second - the sixth and seventh in moving up. When driving down the melodic minor sounds like a natural.
Significant differences are major and minorchords. Both tonic triad composed of major and minor thirds. But the major triad major third is at the bottom, while small - on the contrary. For example, a C major chord consists of the sounds before, MI, and salt. Between before and E - two tones between E and G - and a half. If we consider the parallel minor, the tonic triad looks like a middle-to-mi, that is, between the middle and up - a half tone between before and E - two.

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