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What is the difference between a martini and vermouth

The martini cocktail olive put

Vermouth and martini - the names of alcoholic beverages, which are sometimes confused with each other.

Martini - is an Italian brand of vermouth and an alcoholic cocktail, of which often includes vermouth.

As was the vermouth martini

In a sense, the word "martini" and "vermouth"It can be regarded as synonymous. Brand "Martini" appeared in 1863 in the Italian city of Turin. Over time, the "Martini" conquered the world and became a symbol of stylish living, full of glamor and sophistication.
"Martini and Rossi" The company was founded by threecompletely different people, one of whom - Luigi Rosso - was ingenious connoisseur of liquors and herbs. Thus there was a drink that bears the name of one of the founders, the drink, which is, in fact, there is vermouth.

In addition to the "Martini", there are other brands that produce vermouth "Cinzano", "Dubonnet", "Gallo", "Tribuna", "Nuali Prat".

Variations of vermouth and martini

Martini, as well as vermouth, made from fouringredients: wine, herbs, sugar and alcohol. Most often you can see a white (or dry) and red (or sweet) vermouth. Martini Rosso - a red vermouth and Martini Bianco - white.
The name "vermouth" comes from the German wordwormwood, which means wormwood. Until such time as wormwood did not become famous for its poisonous properties, this herb is used as the main flavor in this alcoholic beverage.
The first sweet vermouth was prepared in 1786 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in Turin, Italy. The first dry vermouth was created in 1800 by Frenchman Joseph Nuali.

In today's market there are many manufacturers of vermouth. Each of them uses his special recipe for its preparation, which is always kept secret.

So martini - a type of vermouth. The only difference is in the title.

Cocktail martini

Martini - it is also the name of an alcoholiccocktail. The classic martini cocktail consists of vermouth, gin, green olives and lemon slices. Also, it can put an orange. But even a classic cocktail has many variations. The beverage has undergone many changes, so its composition and method of preparation can be so different.
In one version of the cocktail nameIt comes from the name of the city of Martinez in the US. "Martini" name first appeared in a notebook bartender Jerry Thomas from the hotel "Occidental" in San Francisco in 1887. Presumably, cocktail loved travelers to the city of Martinez.
Usually used to prepare a martiniIce cubes are put into a glass, where all liquid ingredients are poured. Then the glass is slightly shaken. Finally, the contents of the strain into a chilled glass of cocktail. Cocktails decorated with an olive or lemon. To taste add orange.
The composition of the "dry" martini part dry vermouth, although in recent years is very common martini without vermouth or with a very small amount.
The "overdried" or "Desert" Martini vermouthdo not pour. The "perfect" martini poured dry and sweet vermouth in equal proportions. The "dirty" martini pour a small amount of olive brine. The martini "50 to 50" add gin and dry vermouth in equal proportions. The vodka martini gin is replaced with vodka.

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