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What is the difference between the powder and granulated coffee

What is the difference between the powder and granulated coffee

Around the world, thousands of people start their morning with a refreshing and fragrant coffee beverage.

Cult of coffee spread through countries such as Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, and it is considered to be the birthplace of Ethiopia, since that is where the coffee grows wild.

Types of coffee

Varieties of coffee a great multitude, therethe whole system of classifications share of coffee, its preparation methods, the chemical composition of species, methods of roasting and grinding coffee beans.
For example, instant coffee preparation methods is divided into the following types:
- Freeze-dried,
- Powder,
- Granulated.
Preparation of a good freeze dried coffeeIt is a gradual process that begins with the beans roasting and then grinding them. Once transformed into milled grain mass, they begin to boil in a closed container for about three hours. Then, the coffee is allowed to cool, and then placed in a special package in which they are frozen.

Without packaging freeze-dried coffee stored at low temperatures can not be, because the grain will dry and lose all their taste properties.

It is through the drying container atCold coffee temperature are all useful substances. When such a mass start special hammer to break, it breaks down into granules, which people see and glass jars. But this does not stop the process of coffee. Since when cooking coffee lost all their essential oils, it has a flavor granules need to be processed, and the addition of flavorings, which make it possible to return an invigorating aroma.

Benefits powder sublimation and aroma

Instant coffee useful for people with low blood pressure, vascular disease, and, of course, to maintain a youthful body, as it contains antioxidants.
The powder is made from coffee granules and crystals residues that remain after the coffee of a higher level.

Powdered coffee is often compared with the dust, which is packed in small bags and sold at a low enough price.

The method of its production is easy enough: first grain is cleaned, then roasting and grinding. After the resulting mixture was treated with hot water for several hours, and the whole process takes place under different atmospheres pressure. The resulting mass is filtered, cooled and dried. And with such a straightforward scheme obtained powder that filled into small packets. But in this case in such a coffee is practically useful substances, and freeze-dried coffee, in contrast, natural components remain.
It is this difference and affects the pricing of coffee: powdered form of a low price, and is sublimated several times more expensive, because it really meets all quality standards.

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