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What is the difference visa and maestro cards

What is the difference visa and maestro cards

Often, those who are going to get a new card, the question of choice of payment system.

What is better to choose - Visa or Maestro (MasterCard) and what are their differences?

What is Visa and Maestro

Visa - international payment system, whose headquarters is in the United States. The company offers its customers various services such as cashless payment purchases, binding the card to the account, and so forth.
Key Corporation is a competitor of MasterCard. Maestro - one of the varieties, the payment service from MasterCard, presented in the form of debit cards.

Similarities Visa and Maestro

The analog Maestro cards can only be considered Visa Electron. Since, for example, Visa Classic has a broad functionality and should be compared only with MasterCard Standart.
In Russia, these cards are often issued for the transfer of salaries, pensions, stipends. As a rule, they are maintenance - free for the consumer.
Common to the two cards Maestro and Visa ElectronIt is a limited functionality - they both allow you to pay in stores as well as withdraw cash from ATMs. However, to pay on the Internet will not work on them. Maps allow operation only in places that provide online authorization. Thus, the number of points where they can pay less as compared with conventional and standard counterparts.
They are similar in design - they do not haveembosirovannoy inscriptions (relief impress) details of the cardholder. Maps also can not bind to the electronic payment system (eg, PayPal or WebMoney). Both parts are available in the form of unregistered and in fact they are prepaid cards. As it sets minimum limits for operations.

Differences Visa and Maestro

Map Visa - is an international payment system,while Maestro - is just one type of card from the MasterCard system. there are differences in the extent of the territory of Russia among them. Cards Visa Electron - are more popular and are issued a large number of banks.
Visa cards are used in the conversion of the dollar. While MasterCard, including Maestro - the euro. It is worth noting that in Russia it is widely distributed cards Maestro Momentum, which can only be used for payment in Russian, so the question of conversion in this case is not worth it.
Sometimes the cards Visa Electron is possiblepay for purchases on the Internet, this option is set by the bank. While on the Maestro no security code (CVC2), which makes the online purchase impossible.
Another difference is that when paying for purchases at the store on the cards Maestro need to enter a PIN, and the cards Visa Electron - this is not required.

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