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What is the difference between hull and CTP

What is the difference between hull and CTP

Every car owner should know that buying a car requires registration of various documents.

This registration is required to insurance policies, the most popular of which are the Hull and MTPL.

What is CASCO and CTP

CASCO insurance isroad transport from any form of prejudice, even against theft. At the same time, in the case of a traffic accident (crash), even if it is recognized as the culprit - the driver, who has drawn up a policy Hull, it will be able to help this insurance services to cover all the costs of recovery, repair your own car.

CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance.

In turn, the CTP is aObligatory car insurance drivers. In this case, for example, in the event of an accident on the road, the guilty driver is not intended for CTP no payment, but another - CTP injured motorist will reimburse all costs for repair of the machine. At the same time, repair your own car the culprit will have to pay yourself.

Compulsory cover damage to third parties.

Differences CTP by Hull

Features of insurance between Hull and MTPLis a list of different insurance cases. Polis CASCO insures its owner the following cases: fire, theft, damage to the car by third parties, by any accident, on the impact of various natural phenomena, such as from falling icicles, flood, hail. In any of the above-mentioned case, the insurance payment will be refunded the full amount specified in the insurance contract. This may include other services in some contract CASCO insurance, such as: vehicle evacuation from the place of accident, assistance in drawing up the right documents in the event of an emergency event on the road, leaving the emergency inspector and more.
In turn, the MTPL insurance protectsproperty interests of third parties only. This is necessary in cases of damage caused by the vehicle owner to a certain traffic situation on the one hand, to redress the second side. In this case there are limitations to a certain limit of payments in accordance with the sum - as stated in the policy.
In connection with the above characteristics of car insurance, we can safely say that the more effective is the hull, but the mandatory MTPL.

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