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WHAT ocean depth

What is the depth of the ocean

Oceans - water shell of the planet, which occupies almost 75% of the area of ​​the Earth. It includes a set of four of the seas and oceans - the largest expanse of water in the world.

Of course, the depth of the ocean is different depending on the geological structure of the bottom.



In order to determine the ocean depth,you need to get acquainted with the structure of the seabed. Depending on the geological structure and the position there are four main types of relief of the ocean floor. Continental shelf - is essentially a flat underwater part of the continent, its depth ranges from 200 to 500 meters. The total world area shelves - approximately 32 million square kilometers. During the shelf is the continental slope - the boundary between the shelf and the underwater edge of the mainland, its depth of up to 3500 meters. The ocean floor is a major part of the seabed and its depth in the range of 6000 meters. Tectonic faults in the ocean bed, creating a "gully" with a depth of more than 6 kilometers, called Trench.


The deepest point of the seabed is consideredMariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean. His depth of 11022 meters. The average depth of the Pacific Ocean - about 4300 meters. In addition to the maximum depth of the Pacific Ocean is the largest of the four - an area slightly less than the sum of the areas of all other oceans.


Second place takes on a maximum depthAtlantic Ocean. Deep Puerto Rico Trench, coming from the same side of the island in Central America has been studied in 1955, and measurements have shown that the distance to the bottom in the deepest place is 8385 meters. The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean - 3600 meters.


In third place on record depths - SundaTrench in the Indian Ocean. Stretching 4,000 kilometers along the bottom, opposite the island of Bali, it reaches a depth of 7729 meters. Regarding the average depth of the Indian Ocean, it is 3900 meters.


Finally, the Arctic Ocean - the mostsmall both in area and in the number belonging to it of the seas. Its maximum depth in the Greenland Sea is 5.5 km, while the average - just 1200 meters. Such small numbers due to the fact that almost half of the area of ​​its bottom refers to the shelf, that is, has a depth of 200 meters.

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