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What is the dark magic

What dark magic

Dark magic has attracted many people.

This ancient art is dangerous, which is quite difficult to master.

This magic is considered to be very effective, but for the result obtained in this way, we have to pay dearly.

Dark magic - evil art

Dark magic has its roots in the deepantiquities. It entails a lot of negativity and evil. People who own a magic assistants are evil forces. Usually, they do not believe in God and do not feel in the life of his presence. Dark magic - a strong energetic effect, which is directed at causing harm to others.

In today's world, dark magic is becoming more and more supporters. They call themselves wizards, witches, black magicians, sometimes warlocks. They are attracted by the power that promises to dark magic.

This type of magic is based on the exposuresacrifices and rituals. As victims are usually used small animals (cats, chickens). Sacrifice opened the ceremony, giving the mage energy and strength to perform rites.

Why does she need?

Black magic is needed to carry out and flapslove spells, curses, and corruption guidance. Shadow subspecies can be called voodoo. This is the magical tradition, which uses a doll intermediary with ties to a specific person. Acting on a doll, you can cause a lot of harm to that person.

The basic rule of dark magic - anyonestated desire must be accompanied by action. A simple expression of will is always enough. This is accompanied by magic rituals, ceremonies and spells, which are described in detail in many books and treatises.

To protect yourself from the effects of black magic,enough to perform a few simple tips. Never raise money and items found on the street - they can receive the suffering and misery. Be careful when giving money to the poor. Do not take any things from strangers, they may try to tell you these things with grief and sickness. If you have someone staring and malevolent stares in public transport, said to himself, prayer, you might be trying to jinx it.

Do not start doing this kind of magic. In fact, it is a protracted deal with unclean forces. The downside of the road for those who started practicing black or dark magic, and never will be. It is worth remembering that all evil (and dark magic, no doubt, evil) comes back. So witches and wizards make their illnesses and misfortunes. There are other, not so evil and dangerous kinds of magic, so if you feel the supernatural abilities and inclinations, it is better to turn to the magic of nature and the elements.

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