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What is the danger uncontrolled jealousy?

Toxic jealousy

They say jealous - means love.

But sometimes jealousy becomes so strong that space is left for love.

Insult, humiliate, hit a loved one can not be! Love - is not aggressive.

Aggressive jealousy.

What is the danger of jealousy, and why we can not allow it to grow in the heart, killing love?

Jealousy - tyrannical feeling. No wonder they say that the jealous suitors obtained indifferent husbands and jealous of the bride - hateful wife. Love makes you happy, jealousy - miserable. If jealousy prevailed in man - then his heart has left a love that is expressed in trust, in wishing happiness. At the core of jealousy is not love, but a multi-faceted inferiority complex - a mixture of confidence, self-esteem, the notorious defeat and sense of property, which determines in advance the person as a thing, depriving him of the right to be yourself. And when the emotion grows and becomes painful features - maintain relations in general it is questionable. Daily jealousy survive not everyone.

Jealousy is often manifested in a manic search"Evidence", which in fact are not related to a real difference. Overcome by jealousy man unconsciously wants to make sure he is right, make the worst assumptions. Jealous seems that "withdrawing to clean water" and subjecting a partner for the sake of their own peace, he will find the lost harmony. Alas, everything happens exactly the opposite. Jealous in an effort to control the partner goes further, setting the stage for the relationship to a standstill. Under the pressure of jealousy on the part of the partner a person loses the ability to sincere relations, it is closed, it is secretive. Therefore, husbands or wives, lying about his "half" often appear where there is jealousy.

Jealousy is blind and jealous logicoften absurd. Jealous tends to spoil the mood, who are near endless "interrogation", whims, emotional outburst of negativity. Jealous inclined to blame not only close to real misdeeds, but in the imaginary, if not invented sin! After all, the imagination becomes jealous sometimes monstrous.

Calm explanations of certain imaginarycrimes are not jealous. Persuasion taken into account reluctantly, any circumstance is seen through a magnifying glass, and minor details are perceived as fatal circumstances. The reality is seen in a distorted light. Devil jealousy turns "fly to the elephant," disfigures in the eyes of a jealous person and the object of his love, and those who are absolutely not involved in the conflict trumped jealous.

If human life is occupied jealouspartner, constantly seek out spyware and evidence of infidelity - there is a depression, and even "flying in dreams and reality", lies, concealment of the truth, the search for outlets. If you understand, then to betray the spouses or partners usually push their annoying "halves", which unceremoniously produce an audit in a loved one life, often losing all sense of proportion in words and deeds, than push partner by themselves. If mutual love or affection is strong - the one who was tortured by jealousy, withdraws into himself, "he adds wings", becomes intrinsically indifferent to their own lives, and sometimes - flows into the sluggish and almost imperceptibly, depression. So relationship poisoned by jealousy, give rise to failures destroy careers, deprived of human artistic manifestations, and in the end - do partner internally lonely and miserable. Such a person loses the ability to love. And it begins a painful, sad, devastating for both the loneliness together, where everyone pulls the strap of family life, forgetting about the joys of living and perceiving the daily hassle, and even scandals - for granted.

Love - it's not just emotional, spiritual andphysical affection, and respect for the other person. Jealousy advance doomed lover on contempt, sometimes very demonstrative, undermining the credibility of the person among others. Obsessed with jealousy spouses can easily throw an ugly public brawl, discrediting himself and his "mate" in the eyes of those who turned out to be an unwitting witness to the heavy scene.

Aggressiveness, jealousy suppress ukrenivshayasyapositive emotions in people, makes it suspicious, rude, inflated. The man gripped by jealousy, tends to verbal and physical violence against the person of another, to the humiliation of a partner or self-abasement - in an attempt to evoke pity, to oblige, to deprive the free emotional life. This often leads to the fact that the "injured" party decided to change his life, not only emotionally, but also physically - to make a real difference or breaking relations with intrusive hysterical partner, to find at least some peace and freedom.

The main problem of the jealous man is his own self-esteem.

The only way - to step back from the partner andunderstand jealousy - it razrushitelngaya emotion, and in the form of running it - the disease. Do not torment him and yourself more productive to address their psychological problems. Consult a psychologist if jealousy rolls over, it becomes obvious to others. Freshen up externally and internally. Refuse from alcohol, which is known to provoke conflicts based on old grievances and unfortunate accident. Devote time to his hobby, find something interesting to do. In other words - to redirect the energy in a positive direction, raise their self-esteem.

Acquiring self-esteem, a person becomesself-sufficient, independent - and therefore, will appreciate the relationship with the partner, respect his choice, take into account his personal space. This means that such a relationship will be more stable, more secure from outside intrusion - as a rival or opponent, who is known to occur where relationships have long been given a crack.

Of course, all this does not apply to light injectionsjealousy that inevitably mixed into the feeling of love and serve, rather, an additional incentive to ensure that the partner to give assurance that it has not indifferent. Besides easy jealousy keeps feeling in our toes, causing a person to cultivate - externally and internally. After all, when you feel that close to you - a sensitive, intelligent and loved one, look at other people do not really feel like.

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