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What is dangerous is advertising medical drugs on TV


Than advertising of medical preparations on TV is dangerous</a>

The main goal of television advertising of medical products is to attract the attention of citizens to a particular pharmaceutical product.

But is it safe to take widely advertised tablets in fact?

Podvodnye stones at reception of advertising medical preparations

Currently on television and in the mediaMass media advertise pharmaceutical preparations dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. Most consumers learn about the latest news from advertising.

Remember, timely medical examination helps to identify a serious disease at the initial stage, which in turn is a guarantee of successful treatment.

At the same time, almost everyone understands perfectly well thatSelf-medication is not the best option for fighting the disease. Take, for example, a seemingly innocuous pharmaceutical drug Mezim Forte. It really helps to cope with digestive disorders and regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract with the errors of the diet.
Take this drug systematically withoutThe appointment of a doctor is not recommended. Despite the fact that in television advertising they assure, the digestive problems completely disappear, it is worth to carefully read the instructions and visit a gastroenterologist doctor who will prescribe the necessary examination.
The main danger of advertising medical productsOn television is that the consumer starts using a pharmaceutical product without a preliminary medical examination and without a doctor's recommendation. As a result, in the presence of serious health problems, valuable time can be missed.

Even a banal, systematically recurring headache is an excuse to consult a doctor, rather than taking painkillers advertised on TV.

Symptomatic treatment with pharmaceutical preparations dispensed without a doctor's prescription and acquired on the basis of advertising, can mask symptoms of a serious illness for a long time.
In addition, all without exception, advertisedPharmaceuticals have a wide range of contraindications, which are not mentioned in TV commercials in detail. Do not self-medicate. If you want to buy this or that drug, get a doctor's recommendation.

According to the State Duma deputy Anton BelyakovShould completely prohibit advertising of pharmaceuticals on TV. Self-medication has a disastrous effect on the health of the nation and leads to neglected forms of serious diseases.

Are there any advantages with drugs advertised on TV

The only advantage of television advertisingPharmaceuticals - information about new products. Do not forget, mainly advertise expensive medical products that have cheaper analogs under a different trade name.

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