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What is the danger of energy saving lamps

What is the danger of energy saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps are very popular, and no wonder, because they have a high rate of light output, long life, small consumption of electricity consumption, etc.

But along with the advantages of energy-saving lamps pose a danger and they cause serious harm to human health and damage the environment.

Energy-saving lamps provoke the development of cancer, including breast cancer

These lights emit UV indoses exceeding acceptable, resulting in damage to skin cells and their extinction, and the development of melanoma. Especially dangerous is the impact for the delicate baby skin.

There are two types of energy saving lamps: fluorescent and collagen, the most dangerous are the first.

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In addition, energy-saving fluorescentbulbs mimic daylight (they emit blue light), and if you are at home in their coverage area in the late evening hours, it can lead to disruption of melatonin. It turns out that such a light inhibits the production of this hormone. And in fact, melatonin protects against the development of breast cancer and other cancers.

Energy-saving lamps - cause of blindness

For LED lamps emit white light, inThey use yellow and blue diodes. Light waves blue diode with properties very similar to UV: they are considered to be harmful to the health of the eye. At high risk are office workers, children (because their crystals are still not formed, and therefore can not cope with the filtration of light) and all those who for a long time is under this light. Also, the blue light degrades the human condition, suffering from age-related macular degeneration of the retina. Do not lose sight of the fact that LED bulbs have effects on the eyes, a thousand times greater than the classic incandescent lamps.

Dangerous radiation

Energy-saving lamps, regardless of theirpower - power radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (harmful concentration observed in a radius of 15 cm from the lamp base). In view of this, if the energy saving spot lamp is installed somewhere under the ceiling, hit the high electromagnetic radiation zone chances are slim. But in the immediate vicinity of the table lamp and nochnichkov dangerous: this saving has a negative impact on health. Although in itself does not cause the electromagnetic radiation of specific diseases, but it may be a catalyst for cardiovascular diseases, nervous and immune systems.

Electromagnetic radiation of energy saving lamps weakens the immune system, because of which decreases its resistance to viruses.

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mercury content

Another danger, which is fraught with energy-saving lamps - mercury. That's why "burnt" light bulb can not just throw in the trash: it requires special disposal.

As you know, in every energy-saving lampscontains from 3 to 5 mg of mercury as a vapor. If it is broken in an unventilated room, the mercury concentration in the air exceeds the maximum allowable rate of 140-150 times.

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