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What is the current account

What is the current account

Article 861 para. 2 of the Civil Code states that settlements between legal entities or individuals associated with the enterprise shall be exercised in a cashless form.

This means that each business entity - a company or individual must have a bank account, through which and carried out non-cash payments.

Current account can be any citizen.

Why do you need a current account

Current Account - a bank account witha unique number that allows you to easily locate and identify any client of the bank and keep track of all its financial transactions - as the flow of funds, and their removal. Initially, when you open a bank, any sums of money do not need to make a cash settlement account, but later on the current status of this account corresponds to the amount of funds that belong to that client.
Current account does not involve chargingbank interest, it is not intended to generate income or to hold cash. This operational account, through which the bank customer makes cash payments. As in Russia being targeted policy to reduce the handling of cash and to transfer all settlements, including those carried out by the citizens in the private, non-cash form, to open settlement accounts may any person, natural or legal.

Open account

If you are - a natural person, you can simplygo to any bank, to present his passport and write a statement about the opening of a current account. Usually, for the convenience of cashless payments is tied to the account of the bank plastic card - debit or credit. Your application will be reviewed, and after a couple of weeks you sign a contract with the bank on opening a checking account and credit card services.

You, as the employer may refuse to open a checking account, if you have submitted incorrect information on the enterprise or inaccurate documents. His refusal bank is not obliged to explain.

In that case, if you - or a legal entityentrepreneur, opening a bank account does not depend on your desire, because the amount of cash payments in terms of business law is limited to 100 thousand rubles. Therefore, although the law and does not obligate you to open a bank account, you do this by objective necessity.

Ask the bank requirements for the form of the assurances provided by the documents, they all vary.

Each credit institution may have itsnuances when opening a checking account, they are usually placed on the official website of the bank. But of those documents, the presentation of which is mandatory for all, you will need:
- Extract from the register, not received later than one month prior to treatment in the bank-
- Certificate of State registratsii-
- A certificate from the tax office with INN-
- Statutory documents of the organization, the general meeting of shareholders or a decision of the founders of sozdanii-
- A letter of registration in bodies statistiki-
- Orders the appointment of the director and chief in Accounting
- Documents confirming the actual location of the organization.

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