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What is the cost to build a house

What is the cost to build a house

Self-construction of the house requires notOnly skilled hands and skills to work with materials and tools. The future owner has to also to determine the volume of the required materials, as well as calculate all the costs of construction.

Spending on home construction will largely be determined by the scale of the structure being built.

Before drawing up the estimate tocarrying out the construction, prepare the project of the future house. If you can not do it yourself, please refer to the finished developments, which are abundant on the Internet. Such a project, of course, will not be exclusive, but will not require additional costs, which could not be avoided when referring to the project organization, or an independent professional designers. Now that you have determined the total size of your future house, you can start the calculations.

Expenditure on direct construction of housesIt includes the cost of construction and finishing materials. The total cost for the construction of the foundations of the whole structure depends on how you see your dream home: wood, brick, or made of porous concrete. Construction of wood houses in the average cost you 12-14 thousand. P. per sq. M. Brick or cellular concrete is more expensive: up to 20 thousand p.. per square meter area of ​​the house. These figures should be considered if you are planning the most simple one-story building. For two-storey buildings and a more sophisticated architectural solutions price per square meter could reach 60-70 thousand. P.

An important article of construction costs - internalfinish finished home. The cost of the interior trim will depend upon the material of which the wall of the house. The structure of brick and aerated concrete will require 3-5 thousand. P. per square meter wall. For wooden constructions costs are 2-3 times lower than in the case of finishing a brick building.

Do not forget about the cost of electrification of the site,where the house is located. They will consist of the price of the wires, switches, sockets, auto-shutdown system, electric meter and so on. Estimating the cost of the power supply system on the unit cost, based on the fact that they will be about 600 rubles. per square meter of housing space.

If you plan to equip the country housecentralized gas supply system, keep in mind that it is connected can produce only certified professionals organizations, each of which sets its prices for services. The minimum cost of distributing the gas pipes in a residential area around 20 thousand. P.

It is also important to take into account the unit costsewerage and water supply. Connecting to the existing water supply system will be relatively cheap. If you decide to build a house next to the well, keep in mind that the price for it will be up to 3-5 thousand. P. the ring. Drilling of the individual wells can cost you 80-100 thousand. P.

The cost of the final arrangement of the territoryrelatively low. They include, as a rule, debris removal, construction of the fence with a gate or entrance gate. Most of these works can also be done on their own with minimal use of resources.

Be, however, aware of the fact that during theexecution on the construction of the project with their own hands at home costs may increase, because all the little things to take into account is difficult from the beginning. Experts believe that the pre-compiled estimates can be easily doubled. For example, if you thought that the construction of the house will cost you 750 thousand. P., Put in the cost of 1.5 million. It will help you avoid any disappointment in the final stages of construction, when you see that do not fit into the budget.

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