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What is the cost and where to buy pylon

What is the cost and where to buy pylon

Dance classes pole or pole-dance is one of the most popular destinations.

Pylons for dancing can be installed at home - so you will be able to fulfill the new elements or Tutor.

Where to purchase pylon

Pylon for practicing at home easily purchasedonline shop. Contact stores can be found on specialized sites or social networks. Pilon delivered parcel or courier, you will only need to install it correctly. In large cities there are special showrooms, selling pylons. There can be accessed independently. In addition to bars, online stores usually offer and additional elements - spare mount, extension tube, as well as knee and elbow pads, means for engaging the pylon, mats. If you only master the skill of pole-dance, such additions to the pylon will be very helpful.

Standard pylon suitable for ceiling heights up to 3 meters.

How much is a pylon

Price pylon quality ranges from 7,000 toOf 20 000 rubles. Its value depends on the configuration and variety. For example, folding pole with the possibility of extension and installation without drilling will cost more than a regular landline pylon. The cost may increase and the presence of several modes - spinning and static. Cheaper pylons are made of stainless steel, are expensive chrome or titanium coating, which provides a better grip. In any case, pylons should be ordered only from trusted manufacturers. Cheap models cost 2000-3000 rubles should alert you. Some use to practice improvised tools - metal cornices or steel pipes for the kitchen bar, but these accessories are not suitable for fitness exercises and are potentially dangerous.

When doing pole you have to be a minimum of clothing, to provide the best fit.

How to choose the right pylon

First of all, pay attention to the diameterpole. Slim tower with a diameter of 38-40 mm easy clasp hands, so it is popular among beginners. However, when performing complex tricks, grabs pole hips, shoulders and other parts of the body thin pylon can leave bruises. Six and a larger diameter in excess of 45 mm, has a large surface area of ​​contact with the skin, but it is very difficult for the spectacular twists. Therefore, the optimal purchase pylon average diameter of 42 mm. If you will be hard to capture it, buy special tools for coupling or patent leather mitts.
Pylons are fixed to installprisverlit which need fixing, and removable spacer having a retention mechanism. Removable pylon - this is a good solution if the size of the apartment is small, you are a tenant or just do not want to spoil the polo and the ceiling openings. pylons are also static, dynamic, or spinning and versatile, with the ability to switch modes. In principle, the static tower fits most twists and tricks. The dynamic created for the show, as a twist on it look much more spectacular. If you are doing for yourself, spinning pole you do not need.

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