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What processor core

Dual-core processor for the PC

When choosing a microprocessor is necessary to pay special attention to the characteristics of nuclei.

They are dependent on the compatibility of the CPU with the motherboard and the speed of your computer.

The core - is part of the microprocessor whichexecutes one instruction stream. It, being the main part of the microprocessor, determines the most parameters. Among them are the socket type, the frequency of the internal data bus (FSB), the range of operating frequencies of the processor.

Socket - a socket for the CPU assembly.

Characteristics of the kernel

There are three basic core characteristics: power and heat, process technology, the amount of internal cache of the first and second level.

Heat transfer nucleus affects the heating of the processor during operation.

Cache - a cache. It is used to accelerate the CPU access time to the computer memory. Cache memory in today's computers has two levels. Each processor has its own cache memory of the first level. It is integrated into the processor core. If the processor has two cores and the second level have a common memory in this case is only one processor. The processor core can be complete only when the site has a two-level cache memory. Basically, these processors are used in high-end servers and computers.

Dual-Core processor

For the minimum configuration is enough to have dual-core processor. And it is used in tablets, smartphones and mobile computing devices.
The first dual-core chip became massively used in 2005. He was named Pentium D. In general, the chip used on servers without embedded PC.
CPU (Central Processing Unit) -is a crystal, which are arranged on the surface of microscopic transistors, resistors and conductors. Also in Scheme sprayed gold contacts that are mounted to the body, and then into the chipset.

Chipset - is a set of interacting circuits.

So you can imagine inside the chip, two chip, interconnected and act as a single entity.

The number of cores, different from units designedto distribute the task. For example, the user browses the Internet sites overloaded scripts. When the central microprocessor with two cores, page sites will not be much load memory, because processing is the core of each parallel and accesses the cache.

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