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What is the composition of cement


Cement is a basic material used in the construction industry.

The substance in powder form soluble liquid, resulting in a thick mass. When the cement hardens and changes its composition is transformed into a material strength resembles stone.

History of cement has many centuries. Its composition has changed several times.

At the moment, there are several varieties of it.

History of cement

It is believed that the first inventors of cementRomans began. For the manufacture of mortar they used lime, to which is admixed in specific proportions of volcanic ash and crushed hardened deposits.
Numerous studies and experiments,conducted by masters led to the fact that cement were made from a special kind of lime and clay. The main properties of these components are the building material partial melting under heating and very fast process of "petrification".

For several years there was such a variety of cement as romantsement, but its production is suspended at the moment.

Types of cement

Depending on the composition distinguish someCement types, each of which is used to separate the construction sector. The most commonly considered to Portland. Almost 80% of the cement consists of calcium silicates. Instead of lime in the production of this material is used lime product - clinker. The second major component in the composition is gypsum. Portland cement is manufactured in a dry or liquid form.

Sorel cement - building material in thewhich includes magnesium oxide and salt. This cement is used mainly for the manufacture of individual elements - stairs, plates. It is this material is used for the production of mixes for pouring floors, abrasive discs and grinding stones.
Aluminous cement for solidification process ingreatly superior to other species. The main component in its composition is clinker. A distinctive feature of this cement - by mixing in certain proportions of binders with special mineral additives, a mixture that increases the volume of its core in the process of solidification.

There are several varieties of mixedcements which are prepared from the components in the composition similar mixtures. The main rule of the cement manufacturing process is the observance of proportions.

The composition of any cement includes specialantifoam component based on the carbohydrate. This material prevents the ingress of air into the mixture than increases its strength and durability. The stabilizing agent eliminates the appearance of the foam and makes the cement binder in artificial compound.

The composition and the use of cement

The cement used in construction not only formanufacture of plates and pouring floors, but also a reliable connector other building materials. In addition to lime is often used in cement manufacture other components of carbonate and clay groups - chalk, marl, slate and loess. An indispensable element in the composition of any cement species are mineral supplements.
A separate cement views considered Acidmaterial. Its main feature - the presence in the water glass and silica sand. This substance has a higher strength values ​​and is used mainly for the construction of missile silos, bins or other facilities of the defense or security purposes.

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