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WHAT is the complexity of the


What is a complex character?</a>

Probably, you have often heard how a person gave such a characteristic - "difficult" or "difficult" character. Hearing this, even without knowing any examples, everyone understands what this means.

With such a person it is difficult and difficult to communicate with, it is uncomfortable, because it is difficult to predict his thoughts and actions.

Very often this character is a manifestation of mental disorders and nervous disorders.

Complexity is a medical problem

The notorious "transitional age" alsoCharacterized by a change in the nature of the adolescent is not for the better. During this period, most of them have precisely this character - complex and difficult. But, when the hormonal reconstruction is over, the guy or girl again becomes quite adequate, and the epithets that describe them around, no longer include these definitions. Hormonal restructuring, the cause of climacteric changes, is also often accompanied by a change in behavior and a deterioration in character. But these are all phenomena of a temporary order. There are people whose character is for others "difficult" throughout life.

People with a complex character tend to have strong energy, creativity and the ability to make non-standard decisions, which, in some cases, makes them good employees.

This behavior is psychopathicDisorder and, more often, this is a hereditary disease and one of the parents of this person also had a difficult nature. A child who, from childhood, has taken such manifestations for granted, also will not learn to restrain himself emotionally. But this problem is not only pedagogical, but also medical. Neuropathologists say that a difficult character is a consequence of a small brain dysfunction. An ordinary person in his cortex has special mirror neurons that help him understand the feelings of people around him and predict their behavior and reaction. As a result, people easily predict what will be nice to others, and what can hurt them. According to one medical theory, in people with a complex character, and, more simply, psychopaths, there is a deficit of mirror neurons, especially in the frontal lobes of the brain.

Adopt the complex nature of the partner as a reality and do not try to remake it, just consider it in everyday life.

Manifestations of a complex nature

Inability and unwillingness to understand the feelings of othersPeople makes owners of complex character sociopaths, they are not constrained by generally accepted norms of behavior. Therefore, it seems to them that they can allow themselves anything: to violate moral principles, to arrange public tantrums and not to control attacks of anger or irritation. They can make a scandal in the family or at work because of some nonsense and then, when the others are out of order and drink Corvalol, it's absolutely sincere to wonder what they said or did? From a person with a complex character, it is difficult to expect sympathy, moving towards his goal, he does not recognize moral barriers, so you should not expect from him adequate behavior from your point of view.

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