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What is the command line

What is the command line

Most modern computer operating system with graphical user interface, allowing to control the computer through the user-friendly and intuitive interface.

However, even the latest versions of these systems and provided a control method using text commands - command line.

The meaning of the command line

At the dawn of the digital commandline or console was the only way of interaction of the user and the computer. Text command-line interface does not require a large amount of resources used, and a single standard input commands to facilitate their interpretation.
Command line is also called a teaminterpreter and is a field to enter the text or other commands, providing the user with the connection with the operating system. Of course, in modern versions of the operating systems most operations are performed using an improved graphical user interface, but, nevertheless, there are a number of situations where the use of the command line is justified.
The fact is that if you know certainteam, to get the result from the console will turn faster than when using a graphical interface. In addition, for some of the teams did not provided the graphical counterpart, since they are rarely used or are reserved, that is intended to administer a computer.
Another broad scope of the console -computer games. In some of them, due to limitations on the resources used simply provides a different way to set up, in other command line allows for more fine-tuning, to enter special codes or enable debug mode.

Call console

The most popular todayWindows operating systems have several ways to bring up the command prompt. First, you can click "Start" to find there the item "Run" and type in the box that appears click cmd. In some versions of Windows, click "Run" is hidden, but it can cause the key combination Win + R.
Second, Windows 7 command prompt shortcutcan be found in the "Start" menu in the "Programs" section of the button, subsection "Standard". If you plan to frequently use the command line, you can make a shortcut to the "Desktop".
The third method also works only on the operatingsystem Windows 7. It is that when you right-click on any folder holding the Shift key opens the extended context menu, one of the points ( "Open Command Window") will open the command prompt.
Finally, you can just look for the executable filethe command line in the Windows folder. The file is called cmd.exe, and is located in the directory system32. You can either run a command line directly from here, or you can create a shortcut and place it on the "Desktop".

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