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What is the "comfortable housing"

Modern comfortable housing

Modern housing is divided into two kinds of property: well-appointed and uncomfortable.

Deplorable housing - it's either old buildings or private village houses.

Urban buildings today are built entirely landscaped, regardless of whether it is an apartment building or individual.

comfortable housing

The concept of "comfortable housing" clearlyformulated by the legislator in Art. 89 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. According to this rule, this kind of accommodation must strictly comply with all health, fire, environmental, technical and other requirements, which requires to comply with the law and is strictly territorial boundaries of a particular town or village. Determining the degree of comfort of the home is crucial in urban planning practice and other law enforcement issues.

The criteria for determining the degree of livability

Determining the degree of comfort of the room,It should take into account the conditions of the locality where it is located. The main elements of livability is the existence of basic amenities and relevant communications. This heating, electricity, water and sewer availability conclusions. Also, while taking into account technical features of the house, such as the layout, the presence or absence of refuse chutes, elevator shafts, and the year of construction material. Even the location of the object in the city is of great importance - is taken into account the environmental situation, the presence in the area of ​​large enterprises, development of transport infrastructure, and proximity to public facilities.

In the case of relocation of citizens, who arepublic housing tenants, instead should be allocated equivalent room. This also applies to the sanitary condition and size of housing.

On the basis of Art. 89 Housing Code, in determining the livability of housing should be considered its sanitary condition. In general, any accommodation is required to comply with the requirements of Art. 15 Housing Code, and these requirements apply to all without exception of residential fund.

The concept of "comfortable housing" laws contain only the countries of the former Soviet Union. Nowhere in the world such a definition does not exist.

In Russia there is a big gap between the level ofLife in the city and in the countryside. The above requirement is only enforceable only in large cities, especially in metropolitan areas, where the level is quite high livability. In contrast, in rural areas, especially with a private, one-storey buildings, the criteria used to determine the degree of livability, much lower.

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