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What is the census

What is the census

The spread of the Internet has led not only to the fact that information has become more accessible, but also to the emergence of many new words and expressions, to understand that it is not easy.

For example, social networking sites have added to the active vocabulary of the word "blog", "repost", "Census."

Blogs, posts and Census

The words "Census" and "repost" means, in fact,the same thing, but to understand their meaning, it is necessary to get acquainted with the concept of blogging. Blogs - online diaries it, then there are special sites where everybody can make your page and upload photos, texts or videos.
From personal blog site differs in thatother users can subscribe to updates and comment on their posts. The word "post" came from the English to post, which means "to lay out", that is to publish a new blog entry. Ultimately, all the records became known as checkpoints.
Typically, software capabilities site onwhich are maintained blogs allow you to automatically copy to my favorite blog posts of other users, with reference to the source is indicated. Such copied posts and called census. The census system is beneficial to both parties: both the author and the one who copied the original recording.

There are differences between the census and citation. If the census is entirely copies the entire record in the original design, the citation involves insertion of a post someone else's or its part in the author's text.

The author is gaining popularity as itthe most valuable asset in the blogs. As for the user, a census, then it gets interesting content to your blog without spending time writing a post. Now, many users do not make separate records, limited by numerous census. Nevertheless, even such a "secondary" are the diary of his readers.

Other social networks

In social networks, such as Facebook,"VKontakte", "Classmates" and others, the main focus is not on producing original content, and communication. However, here on the pages of its users regularly publish short recording statuses, interesting news. Additionally, there are communities and groups in which the new content appears regularly corresponding to their themes.

Microblogging service Twitter, message size which is limited to 140 characters, also provides an opportunity to do a census, however, they are referred to as "retweets".

If the user wants the social networkto share some news, a phrase or a picture of your tape information with your friends, then he can do the census, simply by pressing the appropriate button. As a result, all its subscribers will see this record with an active link to the source.

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