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What is the cause of death of the submarine Kursk

The submarine "Kursk"

The official version of the death of the submarine K-141 "Kursk" is a torpedo explosion in the torpedo tube.

However, there are still more than a dozen versions of the nuclear-powered death.

The basic version of the death of the "Kursk"

The death of the Russian nuclear submarinemissile-carrying cruiser (NS) K-141 "Kursk" was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the Russian Navy. At the wreck killed one hundred and eighteen crew members. The official version of the incident was the explosion of the torpedo in the torpedo tube.

According to the plan the exercises of the Northern Fleet cruiser had to attack the target torpedo. In preparation for the attack, and there was an explosion, which resulted in the death of the Premier League.

The cause of the explosion has served leak peroxidehydrogen - one of the components of the torpedo, which was considered obsolete and is not widely used in the Navy for nearly fifty years. Torpedo submarine was equipped with peroxide because of its cheapness, because a new class of torpedo already contain expensive silver-zinc batteries. After the tragedy of all the torpedo running on hydrogen peroxide, were removed from production.

Unofficial versions submarine wreck

According to Vice-Admiral Valery Ryazantsev, explosiontorpedo occurred due to uncontrolled decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide in the torpedo. Allegedly, the reason for all oversight has served technicians who failed to comply with the necessary precautions.
The most popular version of the disaster was spreadingthe people became submarines torpedoing American submarine. French documentary filmmaker Jean-Michel Carré even made a film, which states that the "Kursk" submarine attacked the American "Memphis". This could, according to the director, to become a US warning personally to Vladimir Putin, who then headed for the revival of the country's superpower status. The president himself allegedly concealed the incident in order not to aggravate relations with the United States.

There is a version that the submarine sank the occasional rocket shot P-700 Granit fired from the flagship, "Peter the Great", which also participated in exercises.

There is also a version according to which the Premier Leaguefaced with a mine the 2nd World War, which led to the detonation of a torpedo. It was the first official version, but it disappeared after it was proved that the technical characteristics of the Premier League would not allow the old submarine bomb cause any serious damage. The reason for the explosion of the torpedo is also called a possible collision with an unknown object submarines, resulting in a jammed torpedo compartment. Perhaps it was a collision with a foreign submarine.

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