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What is the business risk

What is the business risk

Many young people dream of a career entrepreneur.

At the same time, business activity - it is a complex work related to risk and liability.

So what is the risk?

Money risk

Although active entrepreneur carries hugeamount of risk almost every day (many do not depend on himself), the largest public sees monetary risk. Most entrepreneurs produce goods, services or information products. The demand for them may fall, then decrease the infusion of funds into the enterprise. There is nothing to pay salaries, rental costs, to pay loans. The company may go bankrupt.
Legislation of different countries in different waysrelate to the bankruptcy procedure. If the US and the UK Government on loyal to the bankrupt, a number of Eastern (Iran, Vietnam) bankruptcy could be imprisoned.
For bankruptcy protection can help reasonablehandling of cash flow (reduction of debt, an increase in real estate assets and the purchase of securities). If the entrepreneur can afford it, it is desirable to find a good financier, who can protect the profits of an enterprise of reasonable monetary policy.


Great and entrepreneur risks tohealth. The businessman has to communicate with employees and customers. From it directly depends on the fate of the company, he is responsible for ensuring the company's cash. Such liability can seriously damage the nervous system. Business people often also suffer problems with the cardiovascular system.

Relationships with family

People who work in another system, isdifficult to understand the business. Some believe the last "freeloaders" who sit on the neck of the working class. Very often people with such beliefs are found in countries with a socialist (post-socialist) systems. Because of the misunderstanding may have problems in even the most strong families.
Force majeure, lack of cash,intrusive partners (clients) can invade the privacy of business people. It will sooner or later impact on family relationships. It is advisable to inform the family about their problems, leaving the work of the house walls. Phoning home must be reduced to a minimum. Tensions due to operational problems can completely deprive the rest of both the entrepreneur and his family. This in turn may lead to disintegration of the family.


One bad movie can break a career as an actor. Similarly, fraud, miscalculation of control or force majeure can put an end to the reputation of the entrepreneur. It may seem that nothing bad will happen - it is possible to find new suppliers, customers or partners. However, in the Internet era and the domination of the media's reputation is stained black mark for the creator of the project. Protection against scandals and failures reputation is openness and honesty with both partners and employees and with customers. Willingness to admit their mistakes, apologize, one of the most important qualities of a successful businessman.

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