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What is the Bologna process</a>

The phrase "Bologna process" is almost rumoredEvery Russian student, but here's the paradox: not every student clearly understands what it is, although the Bologna system is now accepted by most Russian universities.

What is the Bologna Process By and large,The Bologna process is the process of creating a unified educational space by the countries of Europe. The name "Bologna" he received in honor of the Italian city of Bologna, where in 1999 a declaration was signed. It was there that formulated the main provisions of the Bologna Process, its main tasks, the main of which was the comparability of various European educational systems. It was assumed that the main objectives of the Bologna process will be achieved by 2010. At the moment, the participants in the process are 47 European countries, the only countries in Europe that have not joined the process - Monaco and San Marino. Russia joined the project in 2003. Main provisions of the Bologna process • Adoption of the so-called system of comparable degrees - it assumes that education in different countries will be comparable in level and program, which means that the process can guarantee students the possibility of further education or employment in another country. • Two-level educational system. The first level is preliminary, lasts at least three years and provides the graduate with a bachelor's degree. The second level - graduation, lasts two years, provides a master's degree or a doctorate. • Continuous quality control of education • Introduction of a credit system. Credit in education - a credit set for a student after listening to a course lasting a semester or two semesters. The system also implies the right of the student to choose the courses taught. • Expansion of student mobility • Development of the European education system The Bologna Process in Russia In Russia, educational innovations have to face the peculiarities of the Russian educational system and the state as a whole. For example, unlike other European countries, in Russia the main elite universities are concentrated in Moscow, St. Petersburg and some administrative centers. This deprives students from the remote area of ​​the opportunity to receive a high-quality higher education - a low level of mobility is associated with low incomes, and this contradicts one of the basic principles of the Bologna process. Russian universities have to abandon the traditional qualification "specialist", which in European countries does not exist. However, Russian employers do not quite understand what to do with applicants for a position in which the diploma of "bachelor" is indicated - many perceive this degree as an "under-developed" education. And due to the high cost of studying in the magistracy, many graduates refuse to enter the second stage of training. Critics of the Bologna system in Russia often say that the reduction of the basic curriculum from five to three to four years is just an attempt to curtail educational disciplines and the costs of education. Unfortunately, in many Russian universities this picture is indeed observed. However, in fact, the Bologna system should guarantee the student's broader opportunities in choosing the subjects studied and focus on those disciplines that will create the basis of his professional competence. Intermediate outcome of the Bologna process In 2010, when the declaration was adopted as the final term of the process, preliminary results were summarized. The Ministers of Education of the European countries came to the conclusion that the goal of the Bologna process was "generally achieved". Indeed, over the years, cooperation has been established between many European universities, education systems have become more accessible and transparent, standards of education and quality control bodies have been developed and put into practice. But, of course, the authors and executors of the idea of ​​creating a single European educational space have yet to correct a lot of shortcomings and carry out huge work before the mechanism will work in full force in all countries.

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