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What is the binary system

The binary system is the way it is

They say that everything in the world in pairs, a pair of the truth does not matter.

Perhaps so, but it is the principle of the duality of nature was taken in the computer world for a "dialogue" with electronic machines.

0 and 1 - the two main categories of computerLanguage in which lies the essence of the virtual world that is becoming more real. Despite the huge number of languages ​​that people have created to date, all of them one way or another are reduced to a common computer language, to thereby zero and one.

Omnipresent binary code

In addition to the language of computers, binary code is widelyused in digital electronic circuits, namely logic gates. Almost all modern computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras, microwave ovens and all the devices where there is a processor, one way or another connected with the 0 and 1.
It is impossible to say exactly who invented the binarysystem, as it was known before our era. And today, to avoid confusion, in which system contains a number after it is placed at the bottom of the index. In some cases, can represent the number as a prefix 0b.
Above binary numbers can makebasic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication. Furthermore, they can be converted into the usual decimal system. For example, if given the binary number 111 101, it is necessary to do the following:
1 * 2 ^ 5 + 1 * 2 ^ 4 + 1 * 2 ^ 3 + 1 * 2 ^ 2 + 0 * 2 ^ 1 + 1 * 2 ^ 0 = 61

Why 0 and 1

The reason that it is selected binarysystem is that the smaller the value stored in the system, the manufacturer easier to manage the individual elements that govern these values. For example, two-digit binary system is easily converted to many physical world phenomena. This may be a current or a network in the absence and presence or absence of an electromagnetic field.
If fewer possible states of the element, it isundergoes fewer potential interference and can operate faster. Plus, in binary arithmetic is very simple to make basic mathematical operations.

case history

A good example of binary code can belead 64 hexagrams of the Chinese "Book of Changes". They are located from 0 to 63 with the principle of duality. However, there is clear evidence that at that time understood the rules of binary arithmetic.
And for 200 years BC, the famous Indianmathematician Pingala studied poetry. He led special mathematical foundations, which describes the verse. It is here and used the binary system.
But the Incas who lived in the Andes in the 1-2 millennium hasBC, invented writing pile. It consisted of nodules that have implemented a system decimal and duality. Here you can see the primary and additional keys, color coding and education series.
The versatility of writing is that it can be called a prototype of modern databases. There is evidence that in this way the Incas were accounting.

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