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What is the biggest snake in the world

Reticulated python is considered the largest snake

Legends of the huge snakes have many nations. Among the snakes are real champions, but the popular imagination is often greatly exaggerates their size.

In actual fact the snakes are nowhere near as large.

But people are often at the sight of the reptile experience intense fear, so the snake and it seems bigger than it actually is.

Whether there is twenty meters snake?

Some snakes have a geneticpredisposition to grow up to twenty meters. These giants could be anacondas and pythons. But as impressive snake size usually did not grow. The longest snake is considered reticulated python caught peasants in Indonesia in 2003. Its length was nearly 14 m 83 cm. This is considered to be a python and the heaviest. He weighed 447 kg. According to data for 2014, the largest snake - also a reticulated python. It is a little smaller champion. Its length is 12 m 34 cm. On average, the average adult reticulated python has a length of about 10 m. In the Guinness Book of Records listed python length of 9 m to 50 cm and weighing about two kilograms. Pythons live in nature for about twenty years. But in captivity, where they have no natural enemies, these snakes are able to survive much longer.

Where are the pythons?

Living reticulated pythons mainly in Asia,on the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines. The name of the giant snake kingdom got a very beautiful skin. The back is covered with python pattern of light rhombs and triangles. Elements of the pattern associated with the spots on the sides. At the reticulated python luxurious shiny scales, so it is not only the largest snake, but also perhaps the most beautiful. Reticulated pythons live near water. Reticulated python lives mainly on the ground, but climbs trees better than other snakes. This snake is not afraid of humans, so settles not far from the forest villages. For adult men, this snake is not dangerous. Python attacks on children and petite women. Aggressive python becomes high humidity, especially after heavy rains. Unfortunately, people are systematically destroying pythons mainly for beautiful skin and a delicious meat delicacy.
What snake is the thickest in the world

The other champions snake

The impressive size and can reach othersspecies of pythons - for example, the Indian, the African king or rocky, diamond. The length of 7-8 meters for these representatives of the snake of the world - the most common. Before the length of a solid grow and anacondas. The longest representative of this type of rose to 11 m 43 cm in length. The weight of this snake can reach one and a half quintals and more. Sometimes considered the largest snake the boa, but actually it is not so large, on average, about five meters in length. Reputation champion entrenched him mainly due to the well-known tale of Kipling Mowgli.
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