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WHAT is the best video converter?

Which video converter is the best?

Watching movies, videos, TV shows and video tutorials makes a variety of life of millions of people around the world. Increasingly, the viewer is a computer.

The abundance of video formats makes some confusion - many of them are not supported by standard players.

Then come to the aid of video converter.

Popular formats

The most popular video formats to datemoment are avi, mp4, flv, mpeg and ogg. In fact, there are hundreds of "exotic" formats. Modern video players may not support all formats. Firstly, the use of some you have to pay (for example, mp4 - proprietary format). Secondly, formats appear faster than the time to update popular players and codecs. Thus, video conversion is virtually indispensable procedure.

The speed of

The converting speed is not a key factor in a single task, but will be decisive in the regular transfer gigabytes of video files from one format to another.
Format Factory utility ( "Factory formats")It has an unassuming interface, but shakes his functionality. It can quickly convert dozens of formats, it has a simple video trimming function. Another advantage of Format Factory - the presence of a rare video conversion options in the animated image format gif.

subtitle support

Viewing foreign films withoutredundant paths are increasingly common. Movies in English, German or French is not easy to look in the original - with the caption viewing becomes easier at times.
Subtitles can be divided into two groups - "sewn"and built. The first title "firmly" attached to the video track itself, while the latter are in a special file - they can easily be turned off to change the size, style, etc.
One of the most powerful "subtitle" converters -Total Converter. The program allows you not only to create "sewn" subtitles and embedded control. Subtitles - is not only an information tool, but also a means of stylization video. Total Converter allows you to make a video with subtitles beautiful and memorable.

Specific tasks

There are video converter that can accommodate afunctional advanced video editors. Handbrake program allows users to work out a detailed storyboard, edit the audio track. The program is free, suitable for computers running Windows and Linux.
Fans of online tools can turn theirattention to the converter FreeMake Video. It also provides the ability to video carrier assembly. In addition, online video, you can convert c FreeMake Video to audio format mp3.

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