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Which is better to choose a facing brick

What is better to choose a facing brick

Facing brick - the person at home, which means that when you select to pay attention to its decorative features and on how long it will retain its look and feel.

Properly selected facing bricks, not only beautify the building, but also provide it with additional sound and heat insulation.

The choice of color bricks

Presented in stores samples facingbrick impress with their bright saturated colors, but even the most light-resistant brick will fade in the sun, so when choosing it is necessary, first, to find out how tsvetostoek concrete brick, and secondly, to buy a brick on the darker tone than necessary.

You can find the house, lined with the same brick as the one to which you shop, and their own eyes to see how he becomes the sun.

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What is important is not only the color of brick, but the uniformityits color. In a sample will not store streaks and spots, but they can occur under the influence of rain and snow. Check how evenly painted brick, simply, just enough to boil a brick so that the water is completely boiled away, if divorce does not appear, it means that this painted brick quality.

Bricks produced at factories parties, shadesmay slightly vary from batch to batch, it will not be noticeable when buying, but after the completion of the work facing "please" you ugly stripes. Try to buy a brick from the same batch, and if this is not possible, make sure your builders have experience masonry wall with bricks of different parties mixed, such liner may even bring some zest to the appearance of the house.

The geometry of the bricks

All faces of bricks should convergeat perfect right angles, brick dimensions must also correspond exactly specified. When laying bricks must select the reference and check with him the rest, if any of the bricks will have defects in shape, use them in the least visible locations. Make sure that the brick had cracks and chips.

In bricks should be chamfered, it improves his appearance. High-quality brick must have a completely flat surface irregularities indicate the presence of lime in the structure.

Lime in facing brick not only spoils its appearance, but also significantly affects the strength.

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Functionality bricks

Select facing bricks is necessary not only forappearance, but also its other characteristics. Facing brick protects the load-bearing structures at home, it was he who first gets in the way of the wind, rain, snow and sunlight.

The most important characteristic of brick -frost, it determines how many freeze-thaw cycles, it will stand. It is also important for the thermal conductivity of bricks, the lower it is, the less heat transfer between home and the environment. Facing bricks should have a low water absorption, soaked brick deteriorating rapidly and worse tolerate cold.

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