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What is the best java tutorial for beginners

What is the best java tutorial for beginners

Java - language, built on the principles of object-oriented programming, developed and released by Sun Microsystems, in 1995.

Programs written in Java are translated into bytecode interpreter executes program - Java virtual machine that allows you to run Java-based applications on any operating system.

The Java language is used to develop mobilegames, applications, enterprise software software, and is the basis for almost all types of network applications. According to statistics there are more than 9 million programmers to develop applications in Java. This language is used virtually everywhere, from data collection centers, the Internet and portable computers and mobile phones, game consoles and the powerful scientific supercomputers.

Originally developed language called Oak, heprogramming of electronic consumer devices. Later, it was renamed in Java and was used to write client and server software.

Syntax and basic design

Any programmer developer knows that to startlearning any programming language to be familiar with its syntax. There is quite a lot for the Java language books on syntax description, they are all similar, the only difference between one book from another is the style of writing.
Experienced java-programmers recommend two books for beginners, which perfectly explains the basic design and describe the syntax of the language.
The first book is called "Learning Java» (HeadFirst Java), this tutorial refers to a series of "world computer bestseller", that says a lot. The authors of the book are known worldwide professional programmers Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. "Learning Java» a bit non-standard, but easy to read book, which was based on a unique hands-on method of learning. From classic books, this book is different way of presenting information, here it is implemented in the form of a visual representation. This non-standard manual in an accessible form contain all the most necessary information: concepts and syntax, network and streaming, distributed programming. All theoretical knowledge secured interesting tests and examples.
Another recommended for beginnersjava-programmers book is a bestseller programming «Java, A Beginner's Guide", the famous American programmer Herbert Schildt. This tutorial is written in a more traditional form, it details the basics of compiling and running, consider the keywords, syntax and basic structure forming the core of the language. In addition the book describes some of the advanced Java features and contains a lot of reference material.

The language was named after the Java brand coffee, which, in turn, received the name of the island of the same name, so the official emblem of the language displayed with floating cup of coffee.

programming techniques

After getting acquainted with the syntax and basicdesigns can move on to the study of programming techniques. This book will help the beginning programmer Kent Beck "Test Driven Development» (Test Driven Development). At the heart of this book is a unique method of language learning testing method that allows beginners to get rid of the fear of making a mistake when developing applications.

Reference benefits

In addition, novice programmers to Java-canadvise to study such a good book as "the Java philosophy" by Bruce Eckel, textbooks "Fundamentals" and "programming Subtleties" Kay Horstmann in collaboration with Harry Cornell, who are more like guides and so it is always handy to use.

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