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How is the best game in the race?


What is the best game in the race?</a>

Racing games of prevalence and popularity occupy one of the first lines of the ranking of games in general and have a large army of fans among gamers.

There are quite a lot of racing franchises and individual representatives of the genre, the most popular ones can be identified on the basis of polls of sales and feedback from players.

In this case, it is unequivocal to say that one of these games is the best one, all are good in their own way.

Electronic Arts - publisher of racing hits

The racing franchise Need for Speed ​​fromCompany-publisher Electronic Arts itself is one of the most popular and most successful gaming racing series in the world. At the moment, 20 games of this series are released, but the most popular, according to user polls, is part of the series called Most Wanted, released in 2005.
Most Wanted absorbed all the best. In this part of the series the creators returned the police chases, the tuning possibilities were significantly reduced, but were still present, and also here for the first time in the history of the franchise computer special effects were combined with the play of live actors. In addition, Most Wanted has an exciting career mode, presented in the form of a "black list" consisting of 15 drivers who must be defeated, excellent soundtrack and recognition of critics.
It is also worth noting that in addition to Most Wanted, the franchise has other parts that are in no way inferior to their chosen relative.

In 2012, Electronic Arts signed a multi-year partnership agreement with rider Ken Block, who will be the consultant of the mediafranchise races Need for Speed.

Another unconditional racing hit from the samePublisher, Electronic Arts, is the game Burnout Paradise. This racing arcade is the 7th game of the Burnout series, radically different from all of its predecessors. The game takes place in a world where there are no people, called Paradise City, there are only dizzying races, megatrucks, a lot of trails, trampolines and accidents. In the process of the game you can ride on pickup trucks, SUVs, Masklars, sports cars, vans, formula cars, and even motorcycles. Excellent graphics, a change of day and night, brain-blowing damage system, a lot of additional missions, well-designed multiplayer - all this, of course, makes Burnout Paradise one of the best races.

Worthy contenders for the title of the best

FlatOut series from Finnish developers from BugbearEntertainment brought to the world of arcade racing a sea of ​​insanity, willful car accidents and virtuoso stunt tricks. The most popular game of this series is its 2nd part FlatOut 2. Rigid rivals of contenders, pummeling in cuvettes and complete destruction, stunt tricks and playing the body of the driver in bowling, this is what the game process of these races is all about. FlatOut 2 - a spectacular simulator of road madness, which deserves the attention of all fans of arcade racing.

The first game with races on the road is the game Speed ​​Race from the company Atari, which appeared in 1974.

Test Drive Unlimited - racing game, the mainA feature of which is the presence in it of more than 125 licensed sports cars and motorcycles and a game world that repeats with an accuracy of one meter the Hawaiian island of Oahu. In this game, which has a completely open world, you can go wherever a car or motorcycle passes, competing with any oncoming rider. In addition, in the intervals between races, a player can buy real estate, fashion designer clothes, new cars in his garage or tuning old ones.

Colin McRae: DiRT - the 6th part of the racing series Colin McRae Rally, which became the last game published before the death of the famous rider Colin McRae, is certainly a dream of the fans of the rally. This game is an arcade simulator of rally racing. Mad rotations at mad speeds, sand and clods of dirt flying from under the wheels, sitting next to the navigator and reliable physics of cars are the main features of this game.
In addition to the above-mentioned racing games, you can alsoNote such representatives of the genre as: F1 2010, Split / Second, Blur, ModNation Racers, Gran Turismo-exclusive series for PlayStation, Race Driver: Grid.

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