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What is "The Battle of Moscow

What is "The Battle of Moscow-7"

"The Battle of Moscow - 7" - is a tournament which is held under the patronage of FightNights. In addition to the fighting in the ring, according to different rules, and provides an entertainment program.

However, fighting - all the "crux" of the evening.

So, about the battles. The first of these involved Omich Sergei Klassen and Magomed "Young" Magomedov. The fight was initially set to, but well Magomedov moved Klassen to the ground, hit him a hail of blows, but he managed to avoid defeat. Later, Sergey sat down on the opponent, but a gross error allowed him to close the Triangle and Magomed win.

The next fight on the ring out of RamadanKurbanismailov and Sergey relatives. At the beginning of the battle rivals for a long time, "targets", but it was actively relatives. Second round: again almost exactly struggle, Ramadan made a good throw, but could not develop the attack. Toward the end of the fight, he again threw Sergei, but he quickly found himself in the mount, causing then a few powerful blows. He defeated relatives on the decision of the judges.

Next were the women - Indian Sonia and parabensItalian Maria Ross Tabusso. The fight was like on boxing rules. The Indian was stronger and rightly won by unanimous decision.

The fourth bout - Boxing rules again. Met Moscow showmen Peter Gold Sky and Timur Solovyov. In the first round, he dominated by Peter, but Timur broke the course of the battle and won.

Returning to MMA. After the entertainers came to the ring Russian Arsen Aliyev and Belarusian Mikhail Busurmatorov. The fight was stopped in the first round, after Aliyev turned Belarusians to the ground and a few minutes it literally "shot". Victory for our fighter.

Then there was the fight by the rules of kickboxing,version of the R-1. Rivals - Lime Alexander from Russia and Philip Kulavinsky Pole - in the first round of targets. In the second we started to put pressure fighter, but the Pole defended perfectly round and left him. Suddenly Kulavinskogo judge appointed an additional round - again a Pole was better. But the victory was awarded to Linden, although his opponent, and the room was quite a different opinion.

The next fight was held on the rules of MMA -We met Michael Silander (Finland) and Ali Bagautinov (Russia). Ali was stronger, but the Finn defended desperately, and even spent good counterattack. However, after the second round of an advantage, it is significant to possess a Russian athlete. He won, and the fight was very bright.

The next couple of fights took place on the K-1 rules. In the first we met Daniel Utenkov and Jabar Askerov. Deserved victory is won Jabar, dominated during the fight.

In the second fight by the same rules (K1) andpenultimate eventually came to the ring Belgian Mamudov Keta and Ramazan Ramazanov, nicknamed "The Executioner." The last battle of the rivals was for the representative of Belgium, but in this Ramadan took revenge, competently "shooting" the opponent in the course of the match and once sending him to the canvas. The judges unanimously gave the victory Ramazanov.

The main event of the evening was a fight Vitali Minakovaand Eddie Sanchez. From the first seconds Vitaly turned the fight to the ground, but was unexpectedly a contender, though Sanchez was unable to take advantage of this. The referee raised his fighters, and then Minakov severe side impact crash forced the opponent to the floor. Deserved victory Minakova.

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