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What is the basic general education complete

What is the basic general education complete

Basic general full-time education is a separate type of education, aimed at the acquisition of basic skills, knowledge and competencies formation.

It includes primary general education, basic general education, general secondary education.

The concept of general education is contained inFederal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation", the adoption of which the structure of our country's education system has been significantly reworked. In accordance with the document of general education is a separate type of education, the purpose of which is to provide students the basic knowledge, basic skills, competencies. As a final result of obtaining this education is a choice of vocational education, the development of a particular profession, the normal life of a person in society. That is why the presence of adequate training with supporting documents is a prerequisite for the development of more advanced educational programs.

What is included in the complete basic general education?

Basic general education includes the fullseveral levels, which are also listed in the said law. In particular, the structural parts of this kind of education are the secondary general education, basic general education, basic general education. It is assumed that the primary general education is obtained after graduating from elementary school, basic general education ends with the receipt of the document on education in the ninth year of middle school, and secondary education is to further training to obtain the corresponding certificate.

When education is considered to be incomplete?

Basic general education refers to the fullCompleting all three of these educational levels. Only after their completion the student receives a certificate can use this document to continue learning in their professional activities, for other purposes. If general education has been interrupted for any reason, it is considered incomplete. It should be noted that the current content of the law "On Education in the Russian Federation" does not include the concept of a complete education, but in practical educational activities, certain departmental documents and by-laws, the term remained. Its practical value is also not undergone any significant changes since the receipt of a complete secondary education has a direct impact on further possible options for the behavior of the student determines his future professional activity.

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