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What is turbulence zone

What is turbulence zone

Turbulence - one of the most dreaded words for people suffering from a phobia of flight.

In fact, this phenomenon is safe as the entire history of the flight has not been a single accident, which occurred only because of entering a zone of turbulence.

This is a natural process that is compared to the load experienced by a moving car or train.

turbulence area

Turbulence occurs when the rate of changethe gas flow in the atmosphere, and other parameters - pressure, temperature, wind direction, the waves of different sizes are formed as a result. Air masses then become nonuniform properties: they are different in composition, are of different density. This is a completely natural atmosphere of the property, which can be observed not only in the air turbulence can occur in the liquid, so this phenomenon is common in the rivers.

There are other types of turbulence: optical, chemical, quark-gluon.

The air turbulence can occur atseveral reasons. First, often ahead of the flying plane due to the movement of the ends of its wings causes eddies, forming a zone of turbulence. Secondly, there are zones in places where the air is warmed up unevenly and has different temperatures - typically observed near the surface of the earth. And one of the most frequent causes of turbulence - the meeting of different density and other characteristics of air masses.
Thus, the area of ​​turbulence oftenfound in clouds. Pilots compare them with holes and bumps in the road when driving a car - on a clear day flight is similar to the movement perfectly smooth highway, but on overcast days when flying through clouds is sure to be shaking as the air has descending and ascending flows. Also frequently encountered turbulence zone over the mountains or large bodies of water.

There are also cases of turbulence unknown reason, they are called turbulence blue.

whether turbulence is dangerous?

All pilots confidently declare - Turbulencethis is one of the safest phenomena that can confront the aircraft during flight. Stir in the zone of turbulence causes discomfort - vibration, shaking, but passengers often exaggerate their extent, as their vestibular system can not assess the impact of shaking on flight safety. When designing load aircraft encountered turbulence, always taken into account in the design laid a large margin in the cases of the most difficult and dangerous situations.

The most dangerous thing that could happen if it enters the zone of turbulence - is the injury incurred by the passengers fastened.

Despite the security of turbulence zones forpleasant flight it is important to get them as little as possible, so if possible, try to get their pilots. But most of all passengers to completely rid of the bumps can not - even in the calm clear weather to come across such areas.

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