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WHAT is the turbulence zone


What is the turbulence zone</a>

Turbulence - one of the most terrible words for people suffering from phobia flights.

In fact, this phenomenon is safe, since throughout the history of flights there was not a single accident that occurred only because of falling into a zone of turbulence.

This is a natural process, which is compared with the loads experienced by a moving car or train.

Turbulence zone

Turbulence occurs when the speed changesGas flow in the atmosphere and other parameters - pressure, temperature, wind direction, resulting in waves of different sizes. Air masses in this case acquire non-uniform properties: they are different in composition, have different density. This is a completely natural property of the atmosphere, which can be observed not only in air: turbulence can also arise in a liquid, so this phenomenon is often encountered in river currents.

There are other types of turbulence: optical, chemical, quark-gluon.

In the air, turbulence can arise fromFor several reasons. First, often ahead of the flying plane because of the movement of the ends of its wings causes turbulence, forming a zone of turbulence. Secondly, such zones appear in places where the air is unevenly warmed up and has a different temperature - usually it is observed near the surface of the earth. And one of the most common causes of turbulence - a meeting of different in density and other characteristics of air masses.
Thus, the turbulence zone is oftenOccurs in the clouds. The pilots compare them with pits and bumps on the roads when driving a car - in clear weather the flight is similar to driving on a perfectly flat highway, and on cloudy days when flying through the clouds it will necessarily shake, since in the air there are descending and ascending currents. Also, often zones of turbulence occur over mountains or large bodies of water.

There are also cases of turbulence with an unknown cause, they are called clear-sky turbulence.

Is turbulence dangerous?

All pilots confidently declare - turbulenceThis is one of the safest phenomena that an airplane can encounter when flying. Movement in the turbulence zone causes unpleasant sensations - vibration, shaking, but passengers often exaggerate their scale, as their vestibular apparatus can not assess the impact of this shaking on flight safety. When designing aircraft, the loads arising from turbulence are necessarily taken into account, and a large safety margin is placed in the design for the most complex and dangerous situations.

The most dangerous thing that can happen when you hit the zone of turbulence - it's injuries that occur in unattached passengers.

Despite the safety of the turbulence zones, forA pleasant flight is important to get into them as rarely as possible, so if possible pilots try to avoid them. But more often than not, passengers can not completely be shaken from shaking - even in calm clear weather, on the way, such zones come across.

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