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What is the area of ​​freshness in the refrigerator

What is the area of ​​freshness in the refrigerator

Current models of refrigerators significantlydifferent from their predecessors. However, additional features, they come with, not only affect the use of comfort, but also the cost of the unit.

So should critically evaluate the advantages and benefits of each characteristic to a result not to overpay for the excess.

One of the additional features, which recently appeared in refrigerators - a zone of freshness.

What is the area of ​​freshness?

In some models of refrigerators built just two areas of freshness, but it greatly affects their price. In most cases, and one department working properly.

means a special freshness zone compartment whichavailable in the refrigerator. It is quite tightly closed and separated from the rest of the chamber. In this zone, maintained at a temperature of about 0 °, and the optimum moisture content. There are dry and wet freshness zone.
Dry optimal for unfrozen meat and fish. The low temperature does not allow the products to deteriorate, but not freeze them as the freezer. Wet area is particularly suitable for the storage of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, lettuce. The products do not dry up and lose their natural moisture.

What is the area of ​​freshness in the refrigerator?

Dry Zone of freshness is simply indispensable forto save a few days fresh meat, without the prior freezing. Wet area preserve fruits and vegetables appetizing form, will not let them deteriorate.

In addition, at the zero zone bacterial growth is minimized.

At zero temperature, which is available in this area, the maximum stored nutrients and taste of most fruits, vegetables and other food products.
Due to the above-described properties of the humidity zone products will be retained and the maximum quality for a long time.

Different names freshness zone

freshness Zone available in many refrigerators. Manufacturers call it in different ways, using the patented name. Here are the most popular ones:
- BioFresh-
- Flex Cool-
- Fresh Box-
- Fresh Zone-
- Zero'n'Fresh-
- VitaFresh.

freshness Zone: what could be the catch?

Carefully study the instructions to get noticedyour refrigerator. Take the time to meticulously examine it from the inside. This must be done because of the fact that the low-end models can be transparent containers, rather like the freshness compartment area. Sometimes they are called, and in other cases, you may encounter the phrase "humid zone" or something similar.
What distinguished them from the real freshness of the zone? - It should be fixed in a specific location of the camera. In addition, on the rear wall of the device you can see that the microclimate is maintained therein. For example, this could be the opening of which is served cold air.
If the removable container, and it can push or rearranged in another place the refrigerating means before you conventional vegetable storage container.

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